Battle for The New Bond: Cavill vs. Hardy

Sci-fi pulse assesses both and attempts to predict who we think will emerge victorious
New Bond

Many recent reports have all but confirmed Tom Hardy as the new James Bond. However, the fight isn’t over, as it seems Henry Cavill may still be in the running. Sci-fi pulse assesses both and attempts to predict who we think will emerge victorious as the new Bond, and how they’ll impact on being the face of spy-fi’s most famous franchise.



Having already proved his worthiness to portray on screen virtue, as Superman, Cavill would make a fine hero. Little doubt on that front. He’d have no problem looking the part in a tuxedo, either. Something else he has in his favour is is that he’s already done a spy flick, co-starring as Napoleon Solo in The Man from Uncle (2015) reboot. No wonder he’s been so hotly tipped.

Further credentials are his other flirtation with the role of spy, in the last Mission Impossible movie, Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018). Whilst that role was very different to what Bond is, he did kick some serious ass. That will have got him noticed. If all that wasn’t enough, he’s actually auditioned before, aged just 22. He lost out to current bond, Daniel Craig, who’s next movie’s his last outing (likely to be further delayed). That might just swing it for him yet. More on that later . . .



In some ways Hardy doesn’t feel the natural replacement for Bond. That said, this is exactly why he’d probably be great. He’s an absolute chameleon of an actor and can slip into any role he’s asked. This might just be the extra push that gets him over the finishing line ahead of Cavill.

There’s no one previous role that would perfectly set him up for the part, but all the skills needed are proven. His dual protagonist role in the gangster drama Legend (2015) showed his extreme propensity for versatility. We know he can fight, and that he looks awesome in a suit. Both important aspects. There was also great emotional depth required for those parts, which he can do with poise and conviction. That matters with Bond in the modern era. As for charisma, that’s no problem either. As Bane in The Dark Night Rises (2012) he oozed it and filled the screen with his presence. Hardy makes a very strong case indeed. The current favourite.




A very tight decision. Both could be great, but Hardy just about wins for us. He has that extra factor of being an unpredictable Bond. Not to say Cavill couldn’t be, but Hardy’s brooding darkness offers the potential to further explore Bond’s extreme loneliness and brokenness. These traits have been powerfully established by Craig. They’re primed to be further explored.

Before Pierce Brosnan finally got his chance, in Goldeneye¬†(1994), he’d previously lost out to Timothy Dalton. Dalton got his shot first. Maybe that will be the case with Cavill, and he’ll take the mantle on the second attempt. It could well be that Cavill’s age went against him first time. That won’t be an issue this time around. If he does lose out to Hardy it won’t be down to the six years between them. If anything, Cavill being 37 and Hardy being 43 would go in Cavill’s favour. He’d maybe get an extra couple of films out of the role.

Going forward, we think it will be Hardy who next plays Bond. It’s not set in stone yet, but he’s current bookie’s favourite (at time of writing). There’s no other role quite as iconic for a British actor to be cast as. That’s why there’s always so much excitement before any final announcements are made. Hardy would bring the right combination of skills to the role. Physical prowess, psychological thrall and a smoldering moodiness. In short, Hardy’s more Connery than Cavill, whose more Moore; and Connery always wins!


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