The most anticipated unreleased TV seasons in the UK

New research has revealed the UK's most anticipated unreleased TV show seasons, with ‘Wednesday Season 2’ coming out on top.
  • ‘Wednesday Season 2’ is currently the most anticipated unreleased show season in the UK, based on Google search demand
  • ‘Squid Game Season 2’ and ‘Cobra Kai Season 6’ take second and third, respectively

New research has revealed the UK’s most anticipated unreleased TV show seasons, with ‘Wednesday Season 2’ coming out on top.


The study by entertainment experts at analyzed the unreleased seasons that saw the most searches each month across the past year to see which seasons audiences were anticipating the most.


It found that ‘Wednesday Season 2’ is the most anticipated unreleased show season in the UK, coming in with a whopping 96,921 searches a month, over double the searches for second place. The second season of the supernatural series was confirmed in January of 2023; however, as of the time of the study, no release date is currently confirmed.


Coming in second on the list is ‘Squid Game Season 2’ with an average of 46,327 monthly searches for the next installment in the Korean Survival Thriller. A second season was confirmed in 2022 after it took the world by storm, but it currently has no planned release date.


Third place on the list goes to what is expected to be the last of Netflix’s Cobra Kai, season 6. It comes in with 40,179 average monthly searches, and Season 6 is confirmed but is currently without a release date.


Fourth place on the list goes to ‘Reacher Season 2’, with an average of 39,279 monthly searches. Season 2 of the action crime drama is set to premiere in mid-December on Prime Video.


Rounding out the top five is the second season of the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel ‘House of the Dragon’, which comes in 28,183 searches on average a month. It is set to premiere in the summer of 2024.


RankSeasonAverage monthly searches
1Wednesday Season 296,921
2Squid Game Season 246,327
3Cobra Kai Season 640,179
4Reacher Season 239,279
5House of the Dragon Season 228,183
6The Handmaid’s Tale Season 627,344
7Severance Season 227,077
8Ted Lasso Season 426,990
9Tulsa King Season 225,860
10Yellowstone Season 5 Part 224,585


Commenting on the findings, Ian Harper, a spokesperson for, said: “It’s incredible how popular some of the entries on this list are, even without a confirmed release date, and some without even a confirmed next installment. The use of social media is also a great way to build hype for new seasons and has undoubtedly contributed to the demand visible here in Google searches. It will be interesting to see how these averages change in the build-up to each show’s release and how they change after this.”

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