The film's director Joe Pearson called Whitlatch's novelization "pulpy and visceral"
Speculative fiction author Adam J. Whitlatch announces the return of his acclaimed novel “War of the Worlds: Goliath.” Previously published digitally in 2014, the book is now available in paperback for the first time! “War of the Worlds: Goliath,” which is a novelization of the animated film of the same name, serves as a sequel to the beloved H.G. Wells classic. 
On the eve of World War I, the Martians have returned to finish what they started fifteen years ago, but this time humanity is ready. Armed with steam-powered battle machines created from reverse-engineered alien technology, the global defense force A.R.E.S. prepares for the coming conflict as tensions rise in Europe. Captain Eric Wells, an orphan of the first War of the Worlds, commands Earth’s newest, most formidable weapon… the colossal battle tripod GOLIATH.  
The novelization features deleted scenes, expanded character backgrounds, and all-new material that enriches and goes beyond the film. 
The film’s director Joe Pearson called Whitlatch’s novelization “pulpy and visceral” and went on to say that “[the novel] goes way beyond the perfunctory retelling of the source movie that is often the case in many film novelizations. [It] stands on its own as a ripping good story and epic tale of the alternate history world of the film.” 
Whitlatch, a fan of “War of the Worlds” since first hearing the infamous Orson Welles radio broadcast as a boy, jumped at the opportunity to work with Pearson and his colleagues at Tripod Entertainment in Malaysia, immersing himself in the source material. “It was unlike anything I’ve ever written before,” he said. “It felt very much like playing with someone else’s toys in their sandbox, but I made it my own while keeping Joe’s vision intact.”  
The film, which features the voice talents of science fiction fan favorites Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield, Mark Sheppard, and Adam Baldwin, is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital on-demand.

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