The Farpoint Convention Report 2016

The main guests this year were Sean Maher, who played the role of Dr. Simon Tam in the series 'Firefly' and film 'Serenity'.

Farpoint is one of the most fun, fan friendly and fascinating conventions on planet Earth. You can get there any way you wish. I actually beamed in , however, you can use a starship, shuttlecraft, wormhole, or time machine. Time machines are awesome to use when they work. Time machines are awesome to use when they work…..oooops, time loop there, sorry.

Farpoint is a local Baltimore Maryland show that has so many things of fascinating interest indeed.  But , wait, there’s more……..guests to meet as well.

Farpoint weekend boasts, various panels, incredible dealers room, gaming, sword and sabre displays and lessons, artwork room, charity auction, costume contest, a ten forward music dance party , the Tardis with a Dalek nearby ,and yes, there are the guests and autographs, plus so much more!

The main guests this year were Sean Maher,  who played the role of Dr. Simon Tam in the series ‘Firefly’ and film ‘Serenity’.

John Morton who played Dak in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ as well as a scene in the same film as Boba Fett.

David Gerrold, writer who wrote the episode for ‘Star Trek’ called ‘The Trouble With Tribbles’ among other genre books and stories.

I absolutely love seeing fellow fans dressed up walking around the con, shopping, chatting, eating brains……oh no, wait, never mind. I saw Borg ,Klingons, Doctor Who and the Tardis, Starfleet personnel, assorted alien beings, otherworlders, Tribbles, and that was just in the main room area.

Then there are the entire creative realm of individuals who make this unique gathering every year so entertaining for all humans and none humans alike!   Ah, yes, and there were of course,  quite many guests in attendance.

The interview room Farpoint provided for the media this weekend was awesome!  The humorous part about it, and there usually is one, the room still had the backboard against the wall for the bed, yet the bed was gone and in place of it were two very comfy chairs for my interviews!

In a few close up shots on still camera while I was doing a video interview, it looked like Sean and I were in bed together . He was a great guy, fun personality indeed. In fact, here is some of what we chatted about in the interview.



Mark Gross talking with Sean Maher

Mark: What was an incentive for you personally to become an actor, when did you get the acting bug?

Sean: Into The Woods….musical theater. That’s when I knew, hey I wanna do that!

Mark: If you were not an actor, what career would be of interest?

Sean: That’s a really good question, I think I would have enjoyed being a journalist, or maybe even a photographer.

Mark: Tell me about your getting the role as Dr. Simon Tam in the series, Firefly.

Sean: Fun story, I actually never saw a script, nothing, literally nothing to go on. Then I saw a scene written down about Simon and his sister and telling their  story to the crew, and it was a beautifully written scene! So when I met with Joss Whedon, I said to him, hey there’s no script yet, please, tell me about this world and people in it. So I got to hear the whole story of Firefly, right from him!!

Mark: Wow, nice, what an advantage for you.

Sean: Yes, that was really remarkable.

Mark: What type of tv or films did you enjoy growing up?

Sean: I never got to watch much TV and I do remember seeing in the theater, ET, and I just loved Return of the Jedi!! I had so many of those toys.

Mark: Fans are here at Farpoint also collecting autographs from you and other guests. Now if you could have an autograph of anyone, who would it be?

Sean: I think it would be Michael C Hall, and maybe, Paul Ruud.

Mark: Tell us about some of your current and future projects coming up.

Sean: Well, I do the voice of Nightwing, and we just had Batman:Bad Blood just come out! Also, Isra 88, is another film, and they are promoting it as a sci-fi psychological thriller.

Mark: What do you enjoy doing when you have downtime?

Sean: I love being a parent, I’m a yoga enthusiast, and, I like to drink wine!

After the interview he kindly signed some items for me and hung out in the interview room joking with a few of us.

When I interviewed John Morton, he helped me bring over the big comfy footstool in front of interview chairs so we would be relaxed and pampered.

John tells me he enjoyed the brief role he had as Dak who was  Luke Skywalker’s co pilot on the ice planet Hoth.

John says, unfortunately Dak didn’t make it, but at least he died for Luke Skywalker.

John also says that  he and actor Anthony Forest were both in the film, A Bridge Too far, and Anthony was actually the Storm-trooper in Star Wars that says, These Aren’t  the Droids We’re Looking For.

Plus, John donned the Boba Fett Helmet just for one scene in Empire Strikes Back. He got to say to Darth Vader, He’s No Good To Me Dead!

David Gerrold has mentioned that at a party of his he had many guests, one of which was Robert Englund who played Freddy Krueger. After they watched the airing of Trouble With Tribbles Episode at David’s gathering, Robert said it was , Very very Good! David replied, thanks, but to be honest, in 20 years , nobody’s going to ever remember this! Ha, how wrong he was.

Just such an amazing time seeing friends, fellow fans who love what you love, and experiencing the awesomeness for 3 days that is THE Farpoint Convention!

I have to go see if I can get my time machine out of the shop now, see you at next years FARPOINT!

See some fun photographs below:


Mark J. Gross has been a fan of the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genre, since being stranded on this planet in 1955. Not telling anyone I was stuck here with a broken time machine, shhhh.... on paper I hail from Baltimore Maryland.
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