The Farpoint Convention 2018

Mark Gross opens the box of delights that is Farpoint Convention

Baltimore’s sci-fi show, Farpoint, has just celebrated their 25th anniversary! Celebrating over the weekend of February 9th through 11th, were very happy creatures. These included Wonder Woman, Wizards, superheroes, Starfleet, humans and otherworldly beings. There is so much going on all three days of the show, featuring celebrities signing their autographs for appreciative fans.

You can get there any way you wish. We actually beamed in, however, you can use a starship, shuttlecraft, wormhole, or time machine. Time machines are awesome to use when they work. Time machines are awesome to use when they work…..oops, time loop there, sorry.

Mark Gross and interviewing partner Rene grab some hedroom with Matt Frewer.

These guests included Matt Frewer, Nana Visitor, Timothy Zahn, Nora Mclellan, and other assorted writers, artists and more. Matt Frewer is known for many roles, including Max Hedroom, and was in Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Eureka, Supernatural, Falling Skies, Pixels and much more. He is also a committed environmentalist.

Nana Visitor is best known for playing Major Kira Nerys in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. She has been in multiple Broadway musicals and actually played Gypsy Rose Lee in the musical Gypsy.

Farpoint weekend boasts, various panels, incredible dealers room, gaming, sword and sabre displays and lessons, artwork room, charity auction, costume contest, a ten forward music dance party, the Tardis with a Dalek nearby, and yes, there are the guests and autographs, plus so much more!

Matt Frewer, is quite the character. He is an upbeat, fun, guy, who loves to joke around. He was an awesome interview. After the interview, Renee grabbed a selfie with the three of us. I asked Matt to sign the Farpoint program guide and he did, and then proceeded put his hand on my bald head, and patted it for a photo op. He is quite tall, and I felt like a Smurf standing next to a Wookie.

Mark and Rene catch some time with Nana Visitor.

Nana was more subdued and casual. She looked wonderful and shared some fascinating info during her interview with us. She loved our questions. She enjoyed reminiscing about DS9, and Renee brought up her love of dancing, and she lit up when Renee mentioned her relationship with the famous, Cyd Charisse!! We did another selfie shot and she signed my program guides and thanked us for an enjoyable interview!

I am a huge autograph collector, so one of the best parts of covering a convention, is getting that up close and personal hand signed item!

Mark finds himself a kindred spirit.

Fans love to come out and meet other fellow fans, from all across the galaxy here at Farpoint! We all share our stories and chat about our autograph collections, memorabilia, and collectibles. Plus Renee and I are fans as well and love to share our own tales. Cosplayers are always walking through in full costumes, and you never who is a fan dressed up in costume, or who may be real aliens!

Just remember, attending a genre convention you should bring with you a lightsabre, blaster, laser or phaser gun, sword, stake, or anything you can think of for protection. However, leave them all in your transport vehicle. Unless the aliens or whatever creature goes into full attack. Which, so far, has never happened in the 30 plus years I personally have been covering shows!
Yet, Renee and I are always ready.

We want to thank all those at Farpoint, Betsy Childs, the guests, the fans, dealers and my awesome camera partner Jessica Blitz!

Mark and Rene steal the Doctor’s TARDIS to make a quick escape from Farpoint.

Celebrity Biograph will see you all soon at the next event. Hopefully with Earth as the venue. Mainly because our starship, is in the shop for repairs. Renee and Mark here, signing out….two to beam up!


Mark J. Gross has been a fan of the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genre, since being stranded on this planet in 1955. Not telling anyone I was stuck here with a broken time machine, shhhh.... on paper I hail from Baltimore Maryland.
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