The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Some Predictions

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier drops this Friday. SciFiPulse is pretty excited about it. Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie worked well
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier drops this Friday. SciFiPulse is pretty excited about it. Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie worked well together in Captain America: Civil War (2016). Now, as the next show in the MCU streaming roster, they’re all set to take on bad guys and kick some ass! But what else will they get up to? And how will their antics impact upon the MCU, overall? It’s time to make some predictions and go over what might go down. There’s bound to be at least the odd Easter egg and other references.


Fun – Lots of it!

Whilst WandaVision was fun in its own way, especially earlier episodes, it was quite dark. The show was very much a drama. There will likely be elements of drama in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but also much more straightforward action. Good old beating up baddies and high octane explosions. By the looks of the trailer, the setup is the traditional “cop buddy movie”. This should work particularly well, given that the show’s two central stars aren’t exactly best friends. This means they will likely iron out their differences, and that spells banter! For example, the scene in Civil War might be referenced, if they’re driving around together, which they surely will be, at some point. This aspect which will likely help further establish these two characters, which leads us nicely to . . .


Character Development

We’ve seen more of Bucky’s back story than that of Sam’s. But, whilst their history is important, it’s where they are now that will be most interesting to see. The world of the MCU will be very different than the one we’ve seen them in, before. Like everyone, they’ll be changed by “the blip”. But that’s not all that will have left them altered. The departure of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) will leave a hole in both of their lives, for different reasons. Both will have to learn to find their way without their trusty leader. As he valued both of their friendships a great deal, it’s the shadow of not only their friend but that of Captain America which will need to be filled. That will almost certainly bring up comparison complexes, and mean that whoever takes the role might feel they can never measure up, fully.



The Mantle of Steve Rogers


The world needs the idea of Captain America. The character brings hope in a way that only a human one can – albeit one that was given the super-soldier serum. But we all know that the serum didn’t make Captain America who he was. Yes, the speed, endurance and fighting ability help. Really though, it was the bravery and willingness to sacrifice himself that gave the world hope in the darkest times. Now, there are likely to be further threats. There are always bad guys, especially so in the world of a live comic book show. Whoever that is might end up playing on the concept of a symbol hope being replaced. But, who will we likely see as the baddy?


Bad Guys

The natural fit for this show would seem to be HYDRA. Especially given that Bucky was a product of their horrific experimenting on him. As mentioned above, a darkly psychological villain would be perfectly well suited for this show. Who might that be? Of course, Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl). An absolutely perfect fit. It shouldn’t be too hard to have him bust out of prison. Villains always manage that. It would be a welcome return for the character. Daniel Bruhl gave the role a brilliant edge, and at times you almost wanted to side with him. But, of course we’ll be rooting for our new favourite duo to keep him in check, and see that he’s caught once again.

MCU Easter Eggs and Implications


Recently, we published a series of features relating to WandaVision. They included WandaVision: Five Theories, and WandaVision: Season One Assessed. Both dealt with aspects of the show that may impact upon the MCU, overall. Consequently, it’s now time to ponder how The Falcon and The Winter Soldier might influence things. We know both characters are popular, and following their escapades will likely feature in the future, in some way. One way that might be is as a direct consequence of their actions in their own show. There might be things they learn, and other heroes come to rely on them. For example, from the Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl).

Going forward, the MCU is likely to keep having various characters appear in specific films. So, we can’t be too sure where they might turn. But, as mentioned, both seem very much “on the ground” heroes (despite Falcon’s wings!). For example, they are not massively powered, in the way some MCU characters are. But they are tough and make a difference in their own way. Perhaps we’ll see them as spy types, and so maybe we’ll see Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) reappear – hope so! What we can promise is a thematic offering from May the Verse Be With You, that’s offered many an MCU tribute (recently ones to Wanda and Vision, too!), including Captain America’s Mighty Shield. Now, we can expect to see that being wielded by the new “Cap” – both in the show and in the future. Yes!


The Falcon and The Winter Soldier starts 19th March 2021. It’s a six-part mini-series, available exclusively via a DisneyPlus subscription.


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