The Death of James Bond and his Rebirth . . .

The onscreen death of James Bond, in No Time to Die (2021) understandably created a shock. We discussed the last appearance of Daniel Craig as the iconic spy, in...

The onscreen death of James Bond, in No Time to Die (2021) understandably created a shock. We discussed the last appearance of Daniel Craig as the iconic spy, in our review of the film, published on release day. Since then, there have been a flurry of articles and also videos, dissecting what it might mean for the franchise. So, we felt it’s time for SciFiPulse to offer its own stance on things . . .


Bold Move

Respect is due to the film’s writers for telling the story that they wanted to tell. It was absolutely a brave choice, and one that was potentially a gamble. James Bond, in any onscreen incarnation, is absolutely a British icon, and a huge icon of cinema, too. far more people have seen a Bond film than read one of Ian Fleming’s stories. We all know that Bond narrowly escapes death, every time. But for this sequence of films to be tied up, and the arc satisfactorily completed, it seemed we needed to see what we never had before . . .


Perhaps there was a sense that this was coming. That certainly seems to be the case if you look through all of the Daniel Craig era Bond films. Before No Time to Die came out, we ranked Craig’s Bond films. Looking back, what’s apparent in these films, is that the death of James Bond was likely set up. He almost died at the end of Casino Royale (2006). So, what we saw in the films that followed was a life that was lucky to be lived out at all. There were other extremely close brushes with death, too, in his other film appearances.

New Life

What we now have is a blank slate for a new Bond. We’ve previously published Battle For the New Bond: Cavill Vs Hardy. That feature concerned who would be the better Bond of the two actors, and why. But more than just a new Bond, now there’s a chance for the franchise to do different things, too. Daniel Craig, and indeed the “death” of James Bond has helped to modernize the character, and keep Bond relevant. It will be interesting to see where they go next with things, and what the future has in store for the famous spy.



The James Bond films have never really followed one another. Although, each incarnation has had their own arcs, to varying extents. So, it will be easy to tell new stories. We may see Bond in his younger days. Ultimately, what the death of James Bond has done is to end one self-contained journey of what’s been a fantastic five-film character study. Essentially, we’ve had Bond from ‘cradle to grave’ during Craig’s run. His last act was a fitting end to what’s been an incredible take on the tragic hero concept. James Bond is dead: long live James Bond! Yes those famous words we needed more than ever appeared, if you waited long enough: James Bond Will return . . .


Weekly fun feature May The Verse Be With You ran a Bond, special Shaken Not Stirred to celebrate No Time to Die being released.



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