The Best Sci-Fi Novels of All Time

It’s hard to look at the genre of sci-fi novels without also mentioning A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, which was published in 1962

With so many great novels out there, it can be easy to find yourself bogged down and inundated with choices, leaving you to ask where the best place is to start. For those who consider themselves sci-fi fans, then you’ve got no shortage of options to choose from. Rather than just randomly picking titles and hoping they end up to be a great book, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of some of the best sci-fi novels of all time. This will give you a place to at least start from as you enjoy this incredibly popular genre.


Here’s a book that has managed to maintain its popularity, despite the fact it was published way back in 1949. Written by George Orwell, 1984 takes a look at a bureaucratic and totalitarian society, and one man’s quest to somehow find his true self and individuality. This dystopian novel takes place in Airstrip One, which used to be Great Britain. There is a constant state of war and the government uses public manipulation and surveillance to keep things in check.

Fahrenheit 451

Published in 1953 and written by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 is another classic in the genre. The book examines how entertainment can be used as a distraction and the use of censorship. It’s meant to be a plea to those who are willing to give up on their independent thoughts and let others do the thinking for them.

A Clockwork Orange

It’s hard to look at the genre of sci-fi novels without also mentioning A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, which was published in 1962. The book examines what happens to the human consciousness when technology becomes such an important factor in daily life.


Then we have the 1965 novel, Dune, written by Frank Herbert. This is actually the first book in the Duna Saga and it takes place in the distant future. There are feuds taking place between interstellar noble houses and societies, all of whom want to take control of their planet. It looks at religion, politics, technology, ecology, and human emotion.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

While some may be quick to put this novel down, in reality, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is well worth a look. This is actually a series and uses cynicism and humor to delve into the universe where a car is Earth’s dominant species, and aliens exist.

To Make Your Reading Easier

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No matter which books you pick from this list, you’ll know that you’re reading some of the best sci-fi novels ever written.

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