The Art of Comic Collecting: Journey into Mystery with The Mighty Thor #124

Finally added this milestone issue and early appearance of Hercules, the Prince of Power, to my comic collection!

Issue #124 of Journey into Mystery (1966), entitled, “The Grandeur and the Glory!”, is technically not the first appearance of the son of Zues and demi-god; Hercules, The Prince of Power, as his first appearance is officially listed as Journey into Mystery Annual #1 (1964).

This issue of Journey into Mystery was created by the legendary creative team of Stan ‘The Man’ Lee and Jack ‘King’ Kirby, in which Thor learns of a “demon” who is singularly terrorizing the jungles of Asia. Doctor Donald Blake likewise reveals his secret identity to Jane, which ultimately infuriates Odin, as another King of the gods, Zues, sends Hercules to Earth to deal once and for all with the jungle “Demon”.

What is so special about this book, which is in very good to fine condition,  is quite simply the nature of the comic itself which has always caught my eye and been on my list of comics needing to added to my collection. The word of caution with this book however, would be that it is often confused for Hercules actual first appearance, which it is actually not. Hercules appeared to fight in the pages of The Journey into Mysteries first annual issue in 1964, which was actually a little less than two years before issue #124 hit newsstands with what is generally understood to be the actual second appearance of Hercules.

So when looking to add this great book to your collection, be careful not to forget that it is not this Avenging Immortal Hero’s first appearance, when I purchased the book, the comic book clerk actually told me that it was Hercules’ first Marvel appearance, so now you know and I highly recommend this pretty comic to your collection!

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