Terminator: Dark Fate Invades San Diego Comic Con for 2019

He's Back

The Terminator franchise is back and at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con fans got to see a panel made up of various cast members from the latest installment ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’.

On Thursday evening Hall H hosted a really cool Panel about the sixth Terminator movie ‘Terminator: Dark Fate.’ Fans were treated to information about the new film from a panel made up of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna, Natalia Reyes, Diego Boneta & director Tim Miller.

The panel began with Tim Miller talking about his take on the sixth movie, which looks into Sarah Connor’s story. The director talked a fair bit about how it can be a struggle to operate with the various timelines we have had in the Terminator films of late. He said that his movie is a direct continuation of the timeline that we first saw in James Camerons classic ‘Terminator II: Judgement Day’. Miller also added that this sixth movie is going back to the roots of the franchise in that it will have an R rating, which means it will not be as inclusive of the younger audience than the recent films have been. The director stated that the fans had been demanding an R-rated film for some time. He also added that it was the only way he’d want to make the film.

About 10 minutes into the Panel Linda Hamilton joined the conversation and talked about how much consideration she gave to returning to the film series. She said one of the reasons she came back was because of the passage of time in that she wanted to explore an older version of the character that she had originated. She also talked about how much harder she had to work on the physical training and the change in diet.

It has been recently revealed that Edward Furlong. The actor who originated the role of John Connor. The troubled resistance leader son of Sarah Connor is to return for the latest movie.

You can check out what everyone on this panel, which was recorded and hosted by Variety’s youtube channel below.

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