Tennant Could Make A Return To ‘Jessica Jones’!

Producer neither confirms or denies a possible return for the deadly Kilgrave, but anything is possible.

Jessica Jones’ Executive Producer Melissa Rosenberg has revealed that she’d not rule out the return of  as the mind controlling Kilgrave in the shows second year.

Although Jessica Jones clearly snapped Kilkilgrave-tennantgrave’s neck in the first season finale. He still has a superpower. So it would be a mistake to rule out his return at some point in the series.

“I mean, if you have David Tennant you want him around forever,” showrunner Melissa Rosenberg admitted at the TCA Press Tour today (January 17). “He’s such an extraordinary actor and one of the loveliest people you’d ever want to work with. But the show is called Jessica Jones, and it’s about Jessica’s arc.”

Of course this neither confirms or denies, but it does show that the producer is keeping an open mind insofar as a return for the character.

“Your protagonist is defined by how strong your antagonist is,” Jeff Loeb said. “Kilgrave enabled Krysten and this entire cast to interact with someone who really challenged them, both on an emotional level and on a professional level, because David was so extraordinary.”

Actress Krysten Ritter suggested that Jessica will be more lost than ever in the aftermath of killing Kilgrave: “It’s very conflicting, in terms of Jessica’s headspace. He’s the reason she got up every day, why she went out into the world, he really gave her a purpose. And I don’t think the past trauma just goes away with his death.”

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