Telltale Not Doing ‘Walking Dead’ Game For 2015, But Something Cool Is Brewing

The bad is that there will be no 'Walking Dead' game for 2015, but the good news is that we'll get to see something insanely cool instead.

It looks like we have some good and bad news for fans of the ‘Walking Dead’ games from Telltale Games.

The bad is that there will be no ‘Walking Dead’ game for 2015, but the good news is that we’ll get to see something insanely cool instead.

Telltale’s Director Of PR Job J Stauffer teased fans with the news over twitter.

“To re-clarify, no, TWD S3 is *not* starting in 2015,” he said. “But what I am seeing this week will be, and it is insanely cool. Stay close, news soon!”

While some fans took that to mean there would be no Walking Dead game at all this year, Stauffer’s follow-up tweet suggested otherwise.

Fans have taken Stauffer’s follow up tweet to indicate that we could be seeing another game to bridge the current seasons of the games series, which is based in the same universe as the TV show.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ were linked by the standalone ‘400 Days’ expansion.

Telltale has already confirmed that The Walking Dead would return before season 3 of the game, but it is yet to reveal any additional details.


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