In Review: Colony – Geronimo

The identity of Geronimo is revealed. Will to question his wife's loyalties. Katie struggles with the weight of her choices.

Synopsis: The identity of Geronimo is revealed. Will to question his wife’s loyalties. Katie struggles with the weight of her choices.

Review: The story picks up from last week and Snyder and the police state are becoming more aggressive in their search for Geronimo after the murder of Phyllis.

Will and Beau capture two people producing propaganda for the resistance. When questioned the couple say that they are Geronimo and they pretty much reveal that Geronimo is not a person, but an idea. A figurehead for the resistance to rally behind.

Snyder who has reported to the higher ups about the capture of Geronimo is not happy when he learns this, but then decides to take the idea of the figure head and put a face to Geronimo and produce a television trail for him.

Bringing in one of the prisoners and promising him relocation and a new start in another sector. Snyder sets about feeding the public misinformation about the capture of Geronimo and takes them through the motions of a mock trail, but breaks his bargain with the prisoner and hangs his fake figurehead in front of the general public.

Elsewhere in the episode Will questions his wife about where her loyalties are and even though she tells him that she is behind him. He still proceeds to search her bar while she is elsewhere, but finds nothing. Meanwhile Bram and his girlfriend have figured out a way to get out of the colony and have found a warehouse full of contraband, which they are sneaking back into the colony.

This episode for me is the one that has really got the ball rolling in terms of this world of the Colony. The fact that Snyder comes up with the idea of manipulating the media and using the resistance figure head against them in order to dupe the public is not a new idea, but they way it is portrayed here is really well done.

I’m also loving the fact that Will is struggling to walk the line between his family obligations and his work obligations. The fact that he is beginning to mistrust his wife a little after some doubt is sewn in his mind was really well portrayed. I have to wonder though what will happen if Will actually finds out the truth about Katie’s involvement with the resistance and just how it will play out.

Still no sign of the aliens as yet, but I think the longer they can keep them out of sight. The better. It adds to the general mystery and paranoia.

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