Taking some shore leave at Shore-Leave 2015

Speaking of guests, Shore-Leave featured, John Barrowman, Roger Cross, Tony Curran, Jamie Murray, Daniel Davis, David Nykl, Rekha Sharma, Jesse Rath plus many authors, scientists, and more.

Phasers on stun, ahead warp factor 7, beam me up, and so many other genre sayings are all heard aloud at the fan run, Baltimore Shore-Leave Convention 2015.

Shore Leave, as a military term to many of us could mean taking some time away from your ship or other facets of everyday life. However, this convention is coined after the Star Trek episode of the same name. Or, it should mean to prepare yourself for a fascinating adventure for 3 days Hunt Valley Maryland, Earth. August 2015, at the Shore-Leave show.

As soon as I arrived Friday…there was a a Delorean parked in the front, could have been a time machine, I was not certain. Inside, everywhere were star fleet officers, a few Star Wars characters, 2 huge moving Daleks from Doctor Who, various aliens and other awesome costumed con-goers. At least, I think they were fans in costume, ha ha .

Many of the fans here have been fans for lights years, I mean, just years.

Imagine walking into place where fellow fanatics , time travelers, aliens , creatures, star trek, star wars, doctor who, spacecraft, autographs, guest stars, and sooooo much more, all in one huge craft, I mean hotel.

Speaking of guests, Shore-Leave featured, John Barrowman, Roger Cross, Tony Curran, Jamie Murray, Daniel Davis, David Nykl, Rekha Sharma, Jesse Rath plus many authors, scientists, and more.

I interviewed Roger Cross, Daniel Davis and David Nykl.

Roger tells me he was thinking about going into aviation before he knew he wanted to stick with being an actor. He also loves all sci-fi, and he still has his original Buck Rogers lunchbox! Roger enjoys collecting all the shows he has appeared in, and tries to get small souvenirs of props from any show he has been featured in.

Daniel Davis tells me he loves anything Shakespeare. He also loved playing the part of Moriarty from Star Trek Next Generation. Daniel says he starring in many of the old Stephen J Cannell TV series, and that he was always the baddie of the week in many of them. He was in over 20 shows of Cannells, and he mentioned that he thinks he is the only actor that could play Hamelt one day and then the next day be in a show having a fist fight with Mr T.

David Nykl loves the convention circuit meeting fans, talking and signing. He enjoyed playing his role in Stargate Atlantis, but says he was not sure from episode to episode how long he and his character would last in this role on the show. He loves Vancouver where he lives, loves the water, outdoors and traveling.

I got some fun photos throughout the weekend of costumed fans, and many of them signed up to participate in the Masquerade contest Saturday evening.

Besides the costume contest, Shore-Leave boasts an awesome dealers room full of goodies, an art show, tons of panels, artists, musical guests, film and TV shows being run. Plus stargazing telescopes set up outside , gaming room, childrens programming, blood drive, auction, and charities and yes, even more.

The perfect place to get away from everyday life into a realm of like minded friends and fellow fans and collectors!

The Shore-Leave staff and volunteers are incredible as well! This convention is their 37th year! That might be approximately 239 years in Vulcan Pon Far time .

Thanks to my friends Karen, Judy and Dee for all their help and friendship. Plus I need to thank my camera partners, Jessica Blitz and Sara Jones Oden !

Well, time for me to get back in my shuttle craft and go. I would transport outta here, but it is being repaired. Join me next year for Shore-Leave 38, where this show will be happening during the 5oth anniversary of the original, Star Trek series!

Now go have some Romulan Ale and try not to step on any Tribbles. One to beam out!

Mark J. Gross has been a fan of the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genre, since being stranded on this planet in 1955. Not telling anyone I was stuck here with a broken time machine, shhhh.... on paper I hail from Baltimore Maryland.
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