Mike Carey

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    In Review: Barbarella #1

    Synopsis: Earth’s star-crossed daughter is back! When Barbarella wanders into a war zone, the theocratic rulers of Parosia arrest and imprison her. A prison break is brewing, but now that she knows what the Parosians do...
    December 4, 2017 1703 0
  • Feature

    In Review: Luke Cage

    Synopsis: A hoodie-wearing, unbreakable ex-con fights to clear his name and save his neighbourhood. He wasn’t looking for a fight, but the people need a hero. Review: This last weekend saw the premier of ‘Luke Cage’...
    October 3, 2016 1715 0
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    In Review: Red Thorn #8

    The cover: A monstrous cloaked Couril looks down upon the Stepping Orc, as the smaller creature has come to get something from the larger, more powerful creature. All the while, hiding behind one of the giant’s...
    June 28, 2016 2030 0