Cliff Nielsen

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    In Review: Shades of Wicked

    Shades of Wicked by Jeaniene Frost Published by Avon Books on October 30, 2018. Hardcover of 370 pages at $26.99 and paperback of 370 pages at $7.99.  The cover: A topless, fit man puts a hand...
    January 8, 2019 521 0
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    In Retro Review: Dead Iron

    Dead Iron by Devon Monk  Mass market paperback of 358 pages (includes excerpt of Cold Copper) published June 4, 2013 at $7.99.  The cover: Cedar Hunt is caught after some gunslinging on this cover by Cliff...
    November 22, 2016 1199 0
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    In Review: The Eternal City

    The Eternal City by Paula Morris Published by Scholastic Press, May 26, 2015. Hardcover of 304 pages at $17.99. Intended for ages 12 and up, and grades 7 and up. Also available as an Ebook. NOTE:...
    June 3, 2015 1553 0


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