‘Supergirl’ Season Two Casts Kara’s New Boss Snapper Carr

Does This Mean The End Of Calista Flockhart's Cat Grant?

‘Supergirl’ has cast ‘Cougar Town’ actor Ian Gomez. He’ll be playing Kara’s new boss Snapper Carr, the new editor-in-chief of CatCo Magazine.Ian Gomez Snapper

According to Entertainment Weekly Snapper will be tough boss that will push Kara in new and unexpected directions. Snapper is pretty much your every day hard as nails news editor that will push his staff real hard when in pursuit of a story.

In the comic book universe Snapper debuted in 1960 and was a close ally to the Justice League Of America.

The question on everyone’s lips is what will this mean for Callista Flockhart’s Cat Grant?

As previously reported. ‘Supergirl’ has jumped from CBS to the CW, which has moved the shows production to Canada. When the move was announced it was revealed that Flockhart would be making the move with the show, but earlier reports indicated that the actress was unhappy in the idea of the move. So will Snapper be a full on replacement for Cat or will Flockhart still return but as more of a recurring character?

One things for sure. The new season will be full of change and will introduce fans to the first television incarnation of Superman since Tom Welling’s portrayal on ‘Smallville’. So there is much to look forward too.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens when ‘Supergirl’ lands on the CW in October.

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