Talks Regarding Future ‘Supergirl’ Seasons Heat Up

Deadline is reporting that CBS are still trying to decide what to do with regards to 'Supergirl'.

Talks regarding future seasons of ‘Supergirl’ are heating up, but thankfully as yet none of the executives have threatened each other with thermal detonators or red kryptonite, but the latter would be fun.

Deadline is reporting that CBS are still trying to decide what to do with regards to ‘Supergirl’.

The site reports that CBS Execs have had conversations about a possible move for the show to CW, which is something that has been rumored for weeks if not months.

According to Deadline the talks about a move to CW for ‘Supergirl’ are real and have been happening concurrently with CBS’ renewal process, which is nearing the finish line.

A decision apparently has to be made about such a move by the close of today by CBS, but that deadline could well be extended.

It’s not clear if an agreement can be reached because it is a tall order for a show of that scale to be produced for the CW. Producing studio Warner Bros. TV is already making a pre-emptive effort to cut costs, prepping a move of production from Los Angeles to Vancouver in Season 2.

Hopefully one way or another we’ll know if ‘Supergirl’ can fly again.

Rest assured we’ll try are best to keep you updated on further developments as and when we learn more.



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  • Nicholas Yanes
    11 May 2016 at 8:44 pm -

    An issue that few are addressing is that if Supergirl does move to Vancouver – regardless of if it stays on CBS or goes to CW – for budget reasons, what would this show then look like. Not including the $3 million per episode that CBS once had to pay for the character, people who I know work on the show have suggested a per episode budget ranging from 6 to 8 million. Given that CW shows typically cost about 2 million an episode, Supergirl will have to get a lot cut from it.

  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    12 May 2016 at 4:07 pm -

    That’s not workable. They’re better off salvaging Kara and Martian Manhunter for use on the other CW DCU shows and abandoning Supergirl as a separate program for now. Kara and MM were the only characters that really worked anyway, imo.

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