Sunny Choi on South Korea’s gaming industry, AstroKings, and Stargate

"...I knew Stargate would work so well with Astrokings as they both are based on endless universes."

Sunny Choi has been passionate about games since childhood. This passion led him to major in Computer Engineering at Konkuk University and Business Venture & Entrepreneurship Management at Seoul Cyber University. After graduating he would go on to work at NCsoft, Smilegate, and directed and managed various game development projects. Since joining ANgames, he has become the project director of AstroKings and is responsible for all of AstroKings’ development and operations. A fan of video games and game develop since he was young, he joined Angames in 2016 and has been focused on AstroKings ever since. With AstroKings doing a special crossover with Stargate, I was able to interview him for ScifiPulse about his career, AstroKings, and Stargate.

You can learn more about AstroKings by visiting its homepage, and by downloading from Apple or Google.



Nicholas Yanes: Growing up, what were some video games you loved playing? Are there any you still enjoy revisiting?


Sunny Choi: I remember playing many early video games when arcades were popular. Unfortunately, there are not that many arcades left these days. Though, I still play the old arcade video games using PC emulators. We do have a machine in the firm which lets us play the old video games freely. I have recently revisited Double Dragon by Technos Japan, Hyper Sports by KONAMI and R-TYPE by IREM.


Yanes: When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in the video game industry?


Sunny Choi: I bought a MAX 8-bit computer when I was around 13 years old and started building simple game codes using BASIC. I dreamt of becoming a game developer afterwards.


Yanes; South Korea is a gaming and tech epicenter. And multiple global gaming trends begin in South Korea. Currently, what are some gaming trends in South Korea you think will be globally popular soon?


Sunny Choi: This is a tough one. If I knew the answers for the question, I would have already made fortunes. Recently, the concept of the metaverse has emerged not only in games but also in various industries, so I think it has the potential to become a new global trend.


Yanes: It has been years since new television or film content for Stargate has been made, yet the franchise maintains a large and loyal fanbase. Why do you think so many people remain passionate about Stargate?


Sunny Choi: Stargate is one of the leading sci-fi film and TV properties. Personally, I think that the concept of exploring the astonishing and mysterious cosmos through stargates is one of a kind. Not to mention, the actors bringing to life the charming main characters.


Yanes: AstroKings is an incredible game as it is. Why do you think Stargate works so well with it? Were there elements of Stargate the studio wanted to include but it just didn’t work out?


Sunny Choi: I knew Stargate would work so well with Astrokings as they both are based on endless universes. We’ve only let the audience have a taste of two out of numerous Stargate episodes. I would like to let the audience experience more Stargate stories through the game in the future.



Yanes: Of all the great villains in Stargate, why did the Ori appeal to your studio the most?


Sunny Choi: For this event we chose the Ori specifically because they appeared in the most recent episodes of Stargate, which this event pays homage to. While the choice was made to fit the story we wanted to tell, the Ori are excellent villains, mysterious and powerful beings which make them the most beguiling characters in Stargate.


Yanes: On this note, what aspects of Stargate would you like to see in future crossover events?


Sunny Choi: As a huge fan of Richard Dean Anderson, I would like to bring him to the world of AstroKings in the future.



Yanes: When people finish playing this Stargate event in AstroKings, what do you hope they take away from the experience?


Sunny Choi: It was important to us to bring Stargate to AstroKings in a faithful and meaningful way. We hope that fans enjoy the story we were able to tell and know that as fans ourselves we will always work harder to raise the bar and look forward to possible future Stargate events.


Yanes: Finally, what else is your company working on that people can look forward to?


Sunny Choi: As a team AstroKings, our main focus is to make the game as entertaining as possible for our fans. ANGames is also currently working on a wonderful new project set in a magical world. Please look forward to our upcoming game and new updates for AstroKings.


Remember, you can learn more about AstroKings by visiting its homepage, and by downloading from Apple or Google.


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