Strippers & Superheroes: Top 5 Summer Movies As Picked By the Girls Of Rick’s Cabaret New York


The warm days and long nights of 2023 now upon us, movie goers are actually venturing off their couches, plucking their eyes from Disney + and Netflix for the summer ritual of buying a big bucket of popcorn and tucking in for the latest round of potential summer block busters. Even the lovely ladies who work nightly at one of the world’s most popular gentleman’s club are partaking of summer movie going. Below, in our totally unscientific list are the Top 5 Summer Movies As Picked By the Girls Of Rick’s Cabaret New York

  • Barbie. One for the ladies surely, how could any ‘girl’ not be interested in Margot Robbie’s new film? “I’m so looking forward to seeing Barbie,” dancer Erika enthused. “How can it not be fun?” And she’s right! Playing pink fashions around some satire, this new film directed by Greta Gerwig, will prove to be a big summer confectionary hit for sure.
  • Mission: ImpossibleDead Reckoning Part One. Yvonne offers how she is especially interested in this upcoming part one of a two-parter, the seventh installment of the famous spy/adventure series. “He’s like almost a senior citizen now…” the 20-something Rick’s girl says about Cruise, but adds “…but he’s still hot.” It will certainly be ‘hot’ seeing Tom Cruise reprise his role as Ethan Hunt.
  • The Equalizer 3. Lena weighs in on a movie that comes out at the tail end of the summer. “There is a sequel to ‘The Equalizer’ I think. I will go see that. Denzel is one of the greatest actors of all time.” She is correct, not only that Denzel Washington is one of our best actors, but indeed he reprises his role as Robert McCall in The Equalizer 3, premiering 9/1/2023.
  • The Flash. One of two superhero films the dancers were looking forward to, Tanya expressed her delight in catching the cameo-laden film. No matter the fate of star Ezra Miller, there is no denying he made a brilliant and speedy showing here…with Michael Keaton getting just the right amount of nuts in the mix.
  • Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. While technically not a superhero, how could anyone not be super excited about another, and last, Indy movie? As Miranda let us know, “Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones…what could be better?”

Follow the advice above, or make your own list, what’s most important is that we all get out and enjoy what summer has to offer, in movie’s, at the beach and at gentlemen’s clubs

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