New ‘Star Trek’ Trailer Reveals New Starship & Series Name

Our first look at Star Treks newest Starship.

Thanks to San Diego Comic Con with a little help from Bryan Fuller we now know the name of the new ‘Star Trek’ series. And have are first look at the new Starship.

The new series is to be called ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and will chronicle the voyages of the newly commissioned Starship The Discovery.

Fans were treated to the first look at a new trailer for the series, which shows off the new ship that will take us on a series of brand new Star Trek adventures.

Are first look at the new ship shows us a more functional vessel, which looks more sleek and birdlike than anything we have seen before. It almost has a Klingon Bird Of Prey look about it. Especially when you look at the wingspan that holds the warp nacelles.

At present their is still now word on the shows casting. But quite frankly we here at scifipulse are just stoked to see the new ship.


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