Star Wars: Rebels cameos in Rogue One

For Star Wars: Rebels fans, Rogue One had an added and fun 'Rebels' element of surprise that left a rebellious smile from ear to ear.

One of the most fun aspects of Star Wars: Rogue One for fans of Star Wars: Rebels was looking into the background of the movie for hints and cameos of the Rebel’s ship, the Ghost, along with members of their infamous crew and anything else ‘Rebels‘ related. Interestingly, there were several very fun cameos and bits and pieces of Star Wars: Rebels established story line sprinkled throughout the fun and exciting Rogue One.

The most notable and repeated ‘Rebels‘ cameo however was clearly the ‘Ghost‘ itself which could be seen at least five time throughout the movie. The first time the unique looking ship could be seen was parked on Yavin 4, outside of the great Massissi temple and rebel base, when Jyn Erso as played by Felicity Jones and Cassian Andor as played by Diego Luna, take off for their initial mission to Jedha. The infamous ‘Ghost‘ can be seen at the top left hand corner outside of the temple on Yavin 4.

The ‘Ghost‘ can also be seen several times during the battle of Scarif, with the first look at the ship in space being from the bridge of Admiral Raddus’s cruiser, at the beginning of the space battle and shortly after the fleet arrives to support Jyn and Cassian’s unsanctioned mission to secure the Death Star plans from the Scarif Imperial facility. Throughout the ensuing and exciting battle the ‘Ghost‘ can be seen at least three additional times flying in and around the battle.

The only reason this next cameo was not more important than the ‘Ghost’s‘ five appearances, was because we only get to see ‘Chopper‘ once throughout the film, but it is absolutely a great, albeit brief appearance by an actual member of the Star Wars: Rebels team. In the only scene in which we see Chopper, Mon Monthma  as played by Irish actress Genevieve O’Reilly, learns of Jyn and Cassian’s  doomed attack on Scarif, while outside of the Temple. Chopper can be seen and even heard beeping as he rolls along the left side of the screen as he presumably heads toward the Ghost.

Another quite interesting, telling and fun cameo is not an actual physical cameo but rather an inferred cameo. Right after Jyn delivers her passionate plea to the Rebellion counsel “General Syndulla” can be heard being summoned over a loudspeaker.  While General Syndulla is not physically seen, the presumption is that this refers to Star wars: Rebel’s pilot and rebellion leader Hera Syndulla. So even though the current third season of Star Wars: Rebels does not see Hera promoted to the rank of general, the events in Star Wars: Rogue One have not actually taken place yet. So fans of the animated show can very likely look forward to Hera at the very least surviving the show and also at some point being promoted to the rank of general. Very cool!

Additionally, fans of Star Wars: Rebels will also notice Commander Sato’s ship, the Liberator,  flying around within Star wars: Rogue One’s amazing space battles. Likewise, one of the Hammerhead corvette’s under the command of fleet Admiral Raddus, which is used in a very fun and pivotal tactical maneuver towards the end of Rogue One, was also stolen by everyone’s favorite band of Lothal rebel’s along with the aid of Princess Leia in the tenth episode of season two entitled, ‘A Princess on Lothal.

In and of itself, Star Wars: Rogue One was an amazing addition to the Star Wars franchise and quite a fun movie. But Rogue One also left the viewer with a nice feeling of nostalgia along with a tangible feeling of hope by the end of the film.

But for Star Wars: Rebels fans, Rogue One had an added and fun ‘Rebels‘ element of surprise that left a rebellious smile from ear to ear.

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