Star Trek’s Aron Eisenberg gets Kidney transplant

Fans of Star trek Deep Space Nine are of course familiar with Aron Eisenberg, the actor who played the loveable ‘Nog’, on the third Trek series created and inspired from...

Fans of Star trek Deep Space Nine are of course familiar with Aron Eisenberg, the actor who played the loveable ‘Nog’, on the third Trek series created and inspired from Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a more enlightened and brighter tomorrow for all humanity.

What many Trek fans may not know is that Aron, who also happens to be an amazing photographer; has struggled with recent kidney failure, resulting in the need for him to be placed on a Kidney transplant list. While Eisenberg was unsure for a time whether or not he would ever actually be blessed with the gift of a new Kidney, he remained strong, determined and hopeful.

On December 29th, 2015 however, Aron’s faith and continued struggles were rewarded as he was wheeled into surgery along with his precious benefactor named Beth so as to in fact receive his beautiful new Kidney! After a long surgery, it can be announced that his long awaited Kidney transplant was by all accounts quite successful! Both he and Beth are resting and recuperating well.

Aron has also been quite vocal and thankful for not just Beth’s beautiful gift of a kidney, but for the continued love and support of his Star trek friends and extended family he has now been a part of for years. When Aron let it be publically known that he had suffered kidney failure, the outpouring of well wishes and ongoing support proved to be personally uplifting to the actor, especially after beginning a ‘Gofundme’ campaign to help with the mounting and ongoing bills his condition was placing on him.

Aron along with his beautiful, talented and dedicated significant other ‘Malissa Longo‘ was completely taken back by the tremendous amount of genuine good cheer and donations which totaled almost $14,000.00, when only $10,000.00 was initially requested.

Aron recently had this to say about what he has been going through, “Sometimes in life we don’t quite realize how much love is really around us. Sometimes we don’t realize how many people really care about us and how big the heart of the human spirit really is. Sometimes it takes a tragedy for one to experience that, to be reminded of that love and support, for a community to come together to offer that support and love. Well, this is exactly what I have been experiencing the last 4 months. I’m absolutely amazed at the love, support and generosity that we have received in the last few days. It really just blows me away. . .”

It goes without saying that the greater Star trek community and those who know Aron could not be happier to have heard of his successful Kidney transplant and wish him continued success through the coming months of recuperation.

Likewise Aron is in fact truly lucky that he is not only loved as much as he is by his fans, friends, and family, but most importantly it seems that Aron also has at least two amazing ladies in his life right now who continue to make a world of difference for him; Beth his marvelous benefactor and Malissa, his primary care giver, best friend and love of his life. Cherish them Mr. Eisenberg and make the most of your gift of continued life and eternal love as the luckiest people in the galaxy are those who know how lucky they are and appreciate every last drop of all that they have been blessed with.

It is also worth mentioning that today, January 6th, just happens to be Aron’s birthday, so Happy Birthday and may you have many more

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