Star Trek Prodigy: Hit or Miss?

Star Trek: Prodigy returns to screens this week. There will be many Trek fans who haven't seen the show, but some who have.

Star Trek: Prodigy returns to screens this week. There will be many Trek fans who haven’t seen the show, but some who have. SciFiPulse has seen the first five episodes, and is here to let you have the lowdown, and to help you decide if Prodigy is for you . . .



Star Trek: Prodigy does something that no other Star Trek show ever has. The central cast are not in Starfleet. At least they aren’t yet, anyway . . . A rag-tag bunch of Delta Quadrant aliens are grouped together, by chance, and take off in the starship U.S.S. Protostar. The show is set five years after U.S.S. Voyager has successfully returned to Earth. Consequently, a hologram of Captain Janeway acts as a guide on the Protostar. So, Dal (Brett Gray) and Gwen (Ella Purnell), along with other try to navigate their way back to Earth, too.


Animation Style

The show does differ vastly, in terms of visual style, from Star Trek: Lower Decks. Throughout our many reviews of Lower Decks we have stated that there are benefits to animated shows. Whilst this show does look a little childish, it’s actually less comic than Lower Decks in some ways. The ship looks cool, and the characters are well drawn. The animation style isn’t enough to stop you enjoying Prodigy. 


What Next

The first five episodes of Star Trek’s third official animated show aired last year, and the next five are due to begin airing this week. The show returns on January 6th. It will be interesting to see how the story plays out, after the ship escapes the clutches of Gwyn’s father, the Diviner (John Noble). Also, the show has already been renewed for a second season, which will please those who are fans of it.


Hit or Miss

There are certainly enough interesting features in Prodigy to make it a success. As well as the characters having nuance and depth, the idea of a ship powered by a dwarf star is an interesting one. Also, it’s a really cool way to see Kate Mulgrew reappear as Janeway, too. Going of the first five episodes, we’re going to predict that the show will be a hit. So far it’s been quite impressive, although not nearly as good as Star Wars: The Bad Batch, which you can read our reviews of. We’ll keep you filled in as things develop in Star Trek: Prodigy.


Star Trek: Prodigy airs in the U.S on Thursdays on Paramount Plus and will be available internationally in 2022 via paramount plus.

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