Star Trek: Picard Season Two Trailer – Our Reaction

Like all fans of Trek, SciFiPulse was super excited to see the trailer drop for Star Trek: Picard Season Two. Now, we know the central
Picard Season Two

Like all fans of Trek, SciFiPulse was super excited to see the trailer drop for Star Trek: Picard Season Two. Now, we know the central premise. Furthermore, the return of the original “Q”, John  de Lancie, is insanely exciting. So, let’s look at just what it may mean . . .


“Older Q” and His Role

The obvious explanation for Q (John de Lancie) being older is that he is choosing to appear that way. This would keep in with the character’s mock humanity. There really doesn’t need to be much more explanation. The fact that he’s back is enough. And, his choice to force Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), of all people, on another voyage/trial needs little explanation. In Star Trek: The Next Generation Q’s meddling and games were mostly contained to single episodes. But this time it appears that the “mission” Picard (Patrick Stewart) faces will span an entire season. There may be deliberate changes and further set backs that he imposes during it.


Picard and Crew: Here and Now

Star Trek’s always been a lens on the world as it is. All great Sci-fi is in some way, or at least should be, anyway. There’s a good many episodes that take place in Earth’s past. It won’t phase Picard too much, as it’s not new territory. But some of his new rag-tag “crew” may never have ventured back in time. Consequently, the writers will likely use that plot device to their advantage, as a way to further explore those helping Picard on his latest jaunt. So, we may well see some creative license used to help flesh them out a bit more . . .

Potential Character Developments

Obviously, what everyone was most excited to see in Season One of Picard was the return of “Captain” Picard (he’d left Starfleet – and we found out why). But the new characters were very impressive, too. They were dramatic improvements on the mostly boring bunch in the only other current Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery. We saw the likes of Michelle Hurd as Raffi. Also, the return of Jeri Ryan was a great addition, as Seven. Now, we’ll get to see their stories continue, and learn more about them – perhaps even through Q himself.


What Will Victory Mean

Winning is never straightforward with Q. The trailer revealed that Picard must find a way to time travel. We don’t see how, but it’s obvious there’s some sort of a deal struck with The Borg, via the Borg Queen (Annie Wersching). That may have some serious repercussions, possibly involving Q. What it will likely mean is The Federation’s formation comes under attack, in the past. How that impacts things in the future we don’t know. However, it’s safe to see it will certainly effect events in the following season/seasons . . .

Going Forward

First up, we definitely know we’re getting Star Trek: Picard – Season Three. We’ve not even had Picard Season Two yet. This is a massive show, clearly. Odds are that we’ll have a good few seasons yet! Yipee! There’s certainly plenty of stuff to mine, and characters to reprise too, from TNG. As mentioned, events in Picard Season Two could be pivotal. What the future holds for the show will be impacted by how they fair in the past! Now, that’s proper sci-fi! We should be in safe hands if the first season is anything to go by . . .



Star Trek Picard Season Two begins February 2022, and will be available in the U.S. on paramount + and via Amazon Prime elsewhere, within 24 hours of original broadcast.

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