Star Trek: Picard Season Two Analysis

The finale of Season Two of Picard aired last week. There were a few surprises and revelations . . . This was true of the season overall, too. Consequently,...

The finale of Season Two of Picard aired last week. There were a few surprises and revelations . . . This was true of the season overall, too. Consequently, we’re here to look back at some key moments. We’ll assess what went well and what could have been improved.


Main Story

Generally speaking, the central story worked well. But it wasn’t without its issues. Whilst the whole thing was a fantastic exploration of Picard’s (Sir Patrick Stewart) early life, and his subsequent character, sometimes the action and pacing suffered because of it. Everything led up to one moment, the Europa launch. But it did feel a little like that was just a plot device. Though, the focus of the writing on really strong characterization, for multiple characters, helped assuage that issue. Nobody ever seemed like a spare part, and each character had their own journey. That was great to see. For example, Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill) had a fantastic arc, and we saw both redemption for her, and her transition into an important character. She had wonderful nuance, due to some truly fine writing.

Q and Guinan



The history between Q (John De Lancie) and Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) was never really explored, during Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987- 1994). It was suggested that there was some serious animosity, but we never really found out why. The implication was that it was maybe a war, between the El-Aurians, and the Q Continuum. The El-Aurians, Guinan’s race, seem somewhat immune to the omnipotence of Q. It would have been nice for the “new”, younger Guinan (Ito Aghayere) to tell us more. Also, maybe older Guinan could (Whoopi Goldberg) have mentioned that maybe Q (John De Lancie) was jealous. That could have tied in with Picard apparently being a favourite of Q’s. Fans of Guinan can read our feature – Ito Aghayere as Guinan: Our View, that we published recently.


The Borg

Nothing negative to say about the involvement of The Borg in Picard Season Two. Their role in things was a wonderful piece of writing and helped give Alison Pill a great arc, as we’ve already said. Now, The Borg are officially a ‘frenemy’ of The Federation. Just as we saw the Klingon Empire gradually cease hostilities, so too did we see The Borg eventually come to adapt in a truly unexpected way. It made for compelling viewing and also possible interesting storylines going forward. Perhaps we’ll see a full-on Borg civil war? The possibility for such an event has already been explored during TNG episodes ‘Descent Parts I & II’, which dealt with borg individuality.


Season Three Set Up

Events at the end of Picard Season Two seemed to foreshadow the threat that Picard and The Federation will face in the third, and final season of the show. The Borg declared their intention to stay as guardians of the new phenomena and act as sentinels to any threat that may emerge from it. Whatever the threat is, we will now be able to fully focus on it, as we know that The Borg almost certainly won’t be the final season’s central protagonists. What we don’t know is whether or not we’ll see a new foe, or a resurgence of a former enemy, further explored. However, it’s confirmed that the original cast of TNG will be returning for one final outing — we can’t wait!


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