‘Star Trek Nerd Search: Bloopers of the Borg’ Beaming to Bookstores December 14

Couldn’t get enough of Quibbles with Tribbles? Well, Hero Collector is back with their second Star Trek Nerd Search puzzle book, Bloopers of the Borg

NEW YORK, NY, December 9, 2021Hero Collector and Glenn Dakin continue their entertaining Star Trek Nerd Search puzzle book collaboration with the newest entry in the line, Star Trek: The Next Generation Nerd Search – Bloopers of the Borg. Following on from the popular Star Trek Nerd Search: The Quibbles with Tribbles, the new book challenges fans to find mistakes – mistakes made on purpose. Amongst the book’s 44 pages, Star Trek’s most formidable enemy, the Borg, have created time-traveling Chaos Cubes that break down our reality as we know it. It’s up to readers to spot the cubes and save Captain Picard’s voyages.

Making it so, however, won’t be easy. Among the continuity errors caused by the Chaos Cubes are TNG characters in the wrong uniform, or in the incorrect scene… or even from an entirely different series. Complicating the crises, Dakin has hidden 10 random items for every season of TNG… in each scene. Can you find the rogue elements and name the episode, too? Upping the ante even further, next-level TNG fans must boldly look out for five Super Quibbles, which are behind-the-scenes bits of business that only the hardest of hardcore fans will uncover.



It’s all in here: cranky Klingons, quirky “Q” madness, and the ever-avaricious Ferengi. Among the TNG episodes revisited are “Encounter at Farpoint,” “The Best of Both Worlds,” and “The Big Goodbye.” And, yes, you can keep score, assimilating points for every right answer as you chase the magic number, 11001001, of course. Resistance will be futile.


GLENN DAKIN is an acclaimed cartoonist and writer for the BBC, Marvel Comics and Aardman animation. His work includes writing Shaun the Sheep, plus such other top animations and comics as Bob the Builder, Postman Pat, Spider-Man and Angry Birds; the cartoon strip, Robot Crusoe; the Candle Man fantasy series (Egmont); and the autobiographical graphic novel, Abe: Wrong For All The Right Reasons. Previous books for Hero Collector include Star Trek Cocktails, Mr. Spock’s Little Book of Mindfulness, and Star Trek Nerd Search: The Quibbles with Tribbles.


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