Star Trek: Lower Decks – Mugato Gumato (S.2 Ep.4)

'Mugato Gumato' sees Mariner (Tawny Newsome) suspected as a Starfleet spy.

Synopsis: ‘Mugato Gumato’ sees Mariner (Tawny Newsome) suspected as a Starfleet spy. So, Boimler (Jack Quaid) and Rutherford (Eugene Cordero) act on their belief that she is. Consequently, they become scared of her. We also see a return of the Ferengi, too.



‘Mugato Gumato’ is another example of the variation of this show. For example, there’s a genuine mystery, this week. Mariner actually being a Starfleet Black-ops operative was unlikely. But it wasn’t an impossibility. Also, the Anbo-jyutsu match reiterated she’s absolutely primed physically. The story-strand was smartly weaved into the main plot. And, in a similar fashion to last week’s episode we got another “B-plot”. It involved Tendi (Noel Wells) trying to secretly perform the yearly medicals on reluctant crew members.

Voices & Characterization

The dialogue between Boimler (Jack Quaid) and Rutherford (Eugene Cordero) was really well performed, this week. As a result we the big “secret” they thought they knew seemed real. But the real credit is due because of their wonderful comedic skill. What’s clear is that these two actors really know their characters, now. This is vital in a show that requires great voicing to develop the characters.


The animals on the planet looked great, in ‘Mugato Gumato’. And, it was fun to see “drawn” ferengis, too. The creatures mating scene was hilarious. What it proved was all you need is good ideas. Scenes such as this would have been much harder in live action. The animation allows for a great creative license. So, we see things such as we did here. The animation suits the show’s tone perfectly.


With more references, and a well paced story, this week’s offering did what it needed to. It’s important to remember the show is meant to be light relief. That said, the writers really do work hard to develop the characters. We saw this with Tendi (Noel Wells), and the concept really worked. It’s not easy to make this happen, in what’s mostly a non-serious show. So, credit is due for that. What’s more, the way it’s done isn’t that different from the way it was done in the “TNG” era trek. That’s when the show is set, which matters.


At some point during the run of Season Two of Star Trek: Lower Decks, May The Verse Be With You will run a thematic special . . .



Star Trek: Lower Decks - Mugato, Gumato (S.2 Ep.4)
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