Star Trek: Lower Decks – An Embarrassment of Dooplers (S2 – Ep5)

'An Embarrassment of Dooplers' brings more Trek nostalgia. For example, Mariner (Tawny Newsome) and Boimler (Jack Quaid) wind up standing

Synopsis: ‘An Embarrassment of Dooplers’ brings more Trek nostalgia. For example, Mariner (Tawny Newsome) and Boimler (Jack Quaid) wind up standing in the footsteps of the legendary Kirk and Spock. However, in a very typical low-key “Lower Decks” way . . .



Mariner (Tawny Newsome) and Boimler (Jack Quaid) want to attend the coolest party at Starfleet. And, it just happens to be at the same space station circa TOS era later movies.  This story incorporates the Boimler clone, William. Lower Decks does a good job here of relying on established parameters of its story-world. And of course, there’s tons of Easter eggs too. ‘An Embarrassment of Dooplers’ refers to the collective noun of the “Dooplers”. Really, just a take on the traditional tribble concept of self-replicating. Although, there is originality, and that deserves credit. The action around the show’s two central ensigns was the best action, though.

Voices & Characterization

Great to see some brilliant dialogue between Newsome and Quaid. They  make the show what it is, and have a wonderful dynamic. But also deserving of credit are of course Noel Wells and Eugene Cordero, as Tendi and Rutherford. The two actors really capture the “will they/won’t they”, and convince you that whatever else may be true, these two characters really care deeply for each other.


We see how well this style of animation can work, in ‘An Embarrassment of Dooplers’. Things are altogether different from last week’s episode, but that’s not a criticism. Again, attention to detail on the “space-city” space station was extremely high caliber. It would have been difficult to do the “doopling”, if it was a live action show. So, again Lower Decks takes full advantage of animation’s strengths.


Whist there are other aspects to the show, this week we saw that it really is all about Mariner and Boimler, primarily. The episode itself wasn’t the strongest one, but it did secure these two lovable characters’ places in Trek legend. It did so by having them have their names carved next to two of the franchise’s biggest names. The fact it did so in a tribute was touching, and avoided any sort of comparison, or their being on par. We saw that Lower Decks is very much its own thing, and doesn’t harm the established the canon. If anything, it’s a celebration of all the things that Trek fans have come to know and love. That incudes some now famous facial hair, too!



At some point during the run of Season Two of Star Trek: Lower Decks, May The Verse Be With You will run a thematic special . . .


Star Trek: Lower Decks - An Embarrassment of Dooplers (S.2 Ep.5)
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