‘Star Trek: Legacy’ Definitely Moving Forward?

Fans have been excited for a Star Trek: Legacy spin-off from the final season of Picard since Spring of last year and it looks like things could well be...

Fans have been excited for a Star Trek: Legacy spin-off from the final season of Picard since Spring of last year and it looks like things could well be moving forward with the show.

According to a recent report that turned up on the SciTrek YouTube channel. A Legacy series was pretty much greenlit from the start by Paramount, but they did not want to do the series on their own and sought funding from Amazon to get the series up and running. According to SciTrek’s source, which is a contact that they have at Amazon. The deal has now been struck between Amazon and Paramount Plus to move forward with the show. However, the channel claims that it could be between up to three to five months before an official announcement is made.

At present Legacy is rumored to be in pre-production in which the studio is getting all the people in place to make the new series. One problem the production may have is getting Picard series three showrunner Terry Matalas fully onboard. At present Matalas is tried up with various projects, which include a Witch Mountain TV series for Disney Plus, which is based on the cult 1970s movies of the same name. However, SciTrek says that if for any reason they cannot get a full commitment from Matalas. Another showrunner would be brought in to work alongside Jonathon Frakes who has been heavily involved with production across most of the Star Trek shows that have been released on Paramount Plus.

As widely reported. Paramount also has plans for a Picard movie, which would once again likely reunite the TNG cast. Now initially rumors claimed that the movie would be a lead-in for a Star Trek: Legacy series, but new reports are claiming that Legacy will act as a lead-in for the new Picard movie. Furthermore, the new Picard movie will initially be released exclusively on Amazon as a possible £5.99 rental and get a slightly later release on Paramount Plus for their subscribers.

Although much of this report is hearsay and rumor there have been signs that there could be a grain of truth to the rumors. Last month actor Michelle Hurd who played the role of Raffe in Picard came out and said, “I love Raffi. She’s my favorite character. We have hands, fingers, everything’s crossed for Star Trek: Legacy. I know that right now they’re working on Section 31 for Michelle Yeoh. And then they’re going to do Starfleet Academy. That’s going to be a series. And then if the fans still want it, they’ll start working on Star Trek: Legacy.”

So if the fans want Legacy. They will get it.

For me, this seems like very familiar ground as what Hurd says here is quite subtle and reminiscent of much of the hyperbole that was built towards getting Star Trek: Strange New Worlds made. If you set your mind back. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was never a sure thing either. And it was Anson Mount and other cast members who helped build the fan momentum for that show to get made. So for me. Michelle Hurd’s above quote feels very hopeful.

When it comes to when this will all happen. The report indicates that it will all be toward the latter half of 2025. So it is probably wise to keep your hailing frequently open for any news in the future that will corroborate everything reported above in the weeks and months ahead. Indeed we’ll probably follow up on this report at some stage in the future. Personally, as a fan of Star Trek who watched Original Series re-runs in the 1970s and 80s. I’m hoping that SciTrek’s reporting on this proves to be correct.


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