Star Trek First Family to Embark on Historic Space Mission on A Rocket Named Vulcan

HOUSTON, TX – Celestis, Inc., the pioneer and global leader in memorial spaceflight services, today announced the countdown for the launch of its first ever deep space Voyager Mission,...

HOUSTON, TX – Celestis, Inc., the pioneer and global leader in memorial spaceflight services, today announced the countdown for the launch of its first ever deep space Voyager Mission, known as the Enterprise Flight (, currently scheduled for liftoff on December 24 from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida aboard the inaugural flight of the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Vulcan rocket. On board will be the DNA of Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry.

Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, the son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett Roddenberry, known as the “First Lady of Star Trek”, is the steward of the Roddenberry legacy, dedicated to continuing the principals and vision his father set forth through creative and science fiction endeavors for a world where humanity collaborates for the greater good. Rod has chosen to “symbolically” join his parents who are being honored and flown together on this historic mission via launching his DNA.



Roddenberry’s DNA will be included on a spacecraft containing DNA, cremated remains, and MindFiles of more than 200 individuals. In addition to the Roddenberry family, there will be several other original cast members from the Star Trek series on the Enterprise Flight including Nichelle Nichols, James Doohan, and DeForest Kelley and others, Making this one big Star Trek Reunion. They will also be joined by Apollo astronaut Philip Chapman; special effects master Douglas Trumbull; and others from across the globe – on an infinite voyage into interplanetary space.

“We welcome Rod aboard,” said Charles M. Chafer, co-founder and CEO of Celestis, Inc. “The entire Roddenberry family means so much to Celestis, we are grateful to be honoring them on the Enterprise Flight.”

Scheduled for December 24, the ULA Vulcan rocket will launch from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida, position a lunar lander on course for its rendezvous with the Moon, and continue into a heliocentric (solar) orbit around the sun. Once the Centaur upper stage has achieved this orbit, the Enterprise Flight will be renamed Enterprise Station – humankind’s furthest outpost – where it will journey endlessly, perhaps awaiting discovery by a distant in time civilization.

Reservations for the Enterprise Flight are now closed. However, those interested in honoring a deceased loved one or sending DNA to deep space may reach out to Celestis to make reservations for its second upcoming Voyager Mission, known as the Infinite Flight, tentatively scheduled for the first quarter of 2025.


About Celestis


Celestis, Inc. is the pioneer and iconic global provider of Memorial Spaceflight Services for those seeking to celebrate a life or the life of a loved one with a uniquely compelling memorial experience. Celestis missions offer four unique destinations: reaching into suborbital space, Earth’s orbit, the Moon’s surface, and now – with the Enterprise Flight – to interplanetary space. Celestis services are available through our online portal and via a network of more than 3,000 funeral service providers worldwide.

Since its first mission – the 1997 Founders Flight – and through 18 subsequent missions to date, Celestis has been recognized by nearly every prominent member of the global media, by distinguished organizations, including the National Space Society and the Space Frontier Foundation, and most importantly by its clients from all walks of life – from astronauts to truck drivers – as a leader in both the commercial space industry and among emergent alternative funeral services providers. Every Celestis mission brings families together from around the world to witness the launch of their loved ones on a final mission of purpose. We will host a multi-day set of mission-related events for the Enterprise Flight, culminating with viewing the launch from Cape Canaveral, FL.

For more information on the Celestis Enterprise Flight, visit the Celestis website at, or call 1-866-866-1186. For mission-related content, please visit Follow us at,, and

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