Star Trek Fans Getting Antsy Over New Series

With Enterprise a now distant memory, Star Trek fans are waiting patiently for the release of a new weekly episodic run in which they can sink their teeth.

It has been quite some time since the end of the last Star Trek television series. With Enterprise a now distant memory, Star Trek fans are waiting patiently for the release of a new weekly episodic run in which they can sink their teeth. Sure, the new movies that came out by J.J. Abrams have served as a great vehicle to bring a new generation of fans into the fold, but a failure to follow up with a regular series would be rather disappointing. It is a situation that causes some die-hard fans to wonder if they should not simply bypass CBS and Paramount Pictures to film a new series themselves. With as huge as the Star Trek universe truly has become in popular culture and the size of its fan-base, it is difficult to ignore the value of bringing a new weekly series back to television for the fans. In essence, the audience is willing to show its support, but they are waiting for CBS and Paramount to meet the need. If the powers that be do not do something soon, fans might need to dress up as Vulcans and explain to these companies how logical it would be to move forward with what the fans want. Such a move would undoubtedly be attractive to advertisers as well, not just fans.

Ideas for the Next Television Series

Every Star Trek fan has their favorite characters from the Star Trek universe. Seeing their favorite character take a focus, in their own television series, really adds depth to the already existing Star Trek experience for the fans. Imagine a television series centered around Q, played by the ever so smug John de Lancie. For the omnipotent Q to be given a more regular role in Star Trek might prove to be a challenge for the series writers, but it would definitely keep fans glued to their television sets. Alternatively, a series covering the Maquis might be just as entising, hammering out episodes of rogue ships evading Star Fleet patrols in the Badlands. Telling the story from the perspective of the renegades would certainly be a nice twist. Then again, a weekly visit to Ferenginar, emersing fans in the Ferengi home-world and its internal politics, would also serve as a compelling story for eager fans. Of course, these are just a few of the obvious topics in the Star Trek universe that could use expanding upon. Then again, a more in depth treatment of the relationship between the Vulcans and the Romulans would tend to be equally intriguing to older fans.

Rumors of a New Series

Though it is fun to consider what it would be like to have a favorite Star Trek character obtain their own series, this may soon become a reality for the fans of the beloved Klingon Worf. The son of Mogh, played by 62-year-old Texas born American actor, Michael Dorn, could potentially begin a new chapter in the star Trek saga. According to a news release on, Dorn has approached CBS executives on the creation of the new series entitled, “Capt Worf”. Although fans are excited about this proposal, CBS and Paramount Pictures is still dragging its feet on announcing news on whether the series will be launched or not. This delay has weighed heavy on the fans of Star Trek over the last two years in anticipation that CBS and Paramount Pictures will move forward with the project.


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  • stephaniesouthwick
    3 January 2015 at 12:36 am -

    Please, oh please, let there be another STAR TREK series…hopefully it will include story lines and characters from the best show in the series….DS9!

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