Star Trek: Enterprise- Twenty Years On

Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005) is now twenty years old. How time flies! We're here to look back at the important Star Trek show,

Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005) is now twenty years old. How time flies! We’re here to look back at the important Star Trek show, and consider its place in the franchise. We’ll also assess the reasons why it only got four seasons. So, without further ado, let’s boldly go . . .



For anyone yet to watch this show (you really should!), it’s set before the original series. And, that’s what helped to make Enterprise interesting. There had to be careful considerations of technology and correct detailing of alien appearances (which Discovery seemed not to care about). But that wasn’t what made the show truly memorable. The reason for that was the hugely significant central story.


The formation of the Federation was explored, throughout the run of Enterprise. That was something previously unexplored; at least in-depth, anyway. It really had a good look at what led up to it. Also, the legend of the ship began here, too. A very recent Star Trek book release we reported on focuses on that, and much more. The show introduced us to the now legendary Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula). Furthermore, there were many other memorable characters, too. They all contributed to what became a great show. Who can forget episodes like ‘The Andorian Incident’ and of course the imposing Commander Shran. We can’t.


There are myriad reasons for the show being cancelled. In simple terms, it was viewing figures. But a lot was changing at paramount, too, at that time. Another element that contributed was franchise fatigue. Star Trek had run solidly for 18 years since Star Trek: The Next Generation began in 1987. Unfortunately, Enterprise was a victim of the success of other series. But at least it did get an ending, even if didn’t please everyone. Many long-term Trek fans were saddened by the show being cut short. It’s not hard to understand why.


When you look back at the franchise, now, Enterprise really is pivotal. It felt the most relatable show, in some ways. Because it was set the nearest to our time. But more than that, it did something extremely brave, by it being a prequel. As prequels go, it’s a definite success and a great example of one. Also, it rang in bells of change, too. The “Rick Berman era” was brought to a close. The episodes still stand up now, and the final season was particularly impressive. It brought things full circle, tying to the original Star Trek series.



Hard to believe that the first episode aired on 26th September 2001. But it did! What a crying shame that it got cut short. We would have happily put up with more of what was easily the worst Star Trek show theme song ever. That’s how much we loved Enterprise! But sadly Paramount lost Faith of the Heart.



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