Star Trek Discovery: Season Three – A Close Look

Time for a full assessment of Star Trek Discovery: Season Three. It's been a week since the big finale, "That Hope is You, Part II".
Star Trek Discovery: Season Three

Time for a full assessment of Star Trek Discovery: Season Three. It’s been a week since the big finale, “That Hope is You, Part II”. Now the dust has settled, let’s look at how things panned out, third time round. With some inevitability, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) was the main focus. But before we even saw how, like everyone, we were desperate to know more about “The Burn”.

“The Burn” was the central arc of Star Trek: Discovery: Season Three. In The Burn: The Burning Question, we assessed a fan theory, that the sudden demise of dilithium was related to events in Star Trek: Voyager. That wasn’t the case. But what was the case was a dramatically different Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin Green). Burnham and The Burn looked at how her character had altered. Of course, other stuff happened, but Burnham had involvement in every aspect we’ve chosen to discuss. So, it’s time to look at how . . .

Canonical References and Easter Eggs

There were some fans who hated the first two seasons of Discovery. So much so, they refused to accept it as canon. Consequently, the writers had to try and win them over. Whilst maintaining the story they wanted to tell. There was a reference to The Gorn, by Booker (David Ajala), early on. That was cool. We asked what The Gorn had been up to in Star Trek’s Past. We also asked about other species, and their role in the future. But that feature was largely a response to the resurfacing of The Guardian of Forever. Or, “Carl” (Paul Guilfoyle) as it was. For a While we thought that “Carl” (Paul Guilfoyle) may be a Q. So, wrote Q Continuum Continued? In it, we evaluated implications, and how Q might make an impact in Discovery. Additionally, We also touched on the next item on our list

Character Development


Terra Firma part 1


Part of the reason “Tillygate” was so massive, was due to the fact that Star Trek: Discovery Season Three still didn’t develop many characters. Other than Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh), who we’ll get to later, Tilly’s promotion was the only real character arc, of the ship’s established crew. Excluding, Saru, (Doug Jones) that is. Saru earned his own piece, as he’s amongst our favourite things about the show. Saru: Alien Territory looked at his impact, as a new species to viewers. And his status. The case for Tilly being promoted was made by us, before it happened. In Tilly: Time for Promotion. We like being right! But then had to ask, was it Too Much Soon, for Tilly? But Tilly did come good, ultimately. Her promotion wasn’t permanent. Things sort of worked out then, in the end, which was good.

As for the rest of the crew, well, not very much . . . There was some sort of suggestion that Detmer (Emily Coutts) might play a bigger part. That spurred us to look at how things could pan out for her, in Developing Detmer. This is definitely an area that the show is lacking in. That said, incredible to see important representation of gender implications, from Blu Del Barrio as Adira, alongside Ian Alexander, as Gray. That was very much in fitting with what Star Trek is all about. Star Trek: Discovery Season Three got that very right. Star TrekĀ has long championed social changes. We acknowledged that in Needs of The Many, our piece on diversity and inclusivity.

What Was Hot and What Was Not

There were some great aspects to Star Trek Discovery: Season Three. It made some big, bold moves away from what it was. Perhaps the most impressive aspect, overall, was the CGI. Week in, week out, we praised it, assessing why we felt it was so good. That was something we focused on in Story So Far, our appraisal written at just over the halfway point. It also picked up on how we felt that “The Burn” was a great plot device. Oh, and it gave the thumbs up for fun scenes with Linus (David Benjamin Tomlinson), too. Yes!

Once “The Burn” was resolved, we were a little concerned. Potentially, it could have lasted for a few seasons. But as it was, it got resolved. We weren’t massively impressed at the cause of it, but it did pose some interesting about the Kelpians . . . In terms of the show’s dynamic, the question arose, Will Solving The Burn Mean Burn Out? Things won’t immediately return to apre-warp Utopia it. It’s a massive event for just one season. How the lasting effects will pan out remains to be seen. And that’s what we’re onto next . . .


Where to Next?


New Worlds



Where, indeed? What’s certain is that we’re getting a Season Four. What’s not certain is what will happen. We’ve speculated about The Future of The Federation. As we have stated, it will take a huge effort to get back to where they were. The Federation and Starfleet we’re used to. With Michael Burnham at the helm, so it would seem, they may just get there. Burnham is certainly one to get things done! Don’t be surprised to see a crossover, either. With Strange New Worlds not far off, it could happen. We don’t know how, but it’s Star Trek! Time travel maybe, or “Carl” again. Or, actually Q, this time? Stranger things have happened before. Any crossover may also include the return of Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh), too, who went off to star in Star Trek: Section 31. So, it’s very much full steam ahead for the franchise. Lots of exciting possibilities. Let’s hope that Discovery further improves, in Season Four, and other shows are great.

When news came in that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was happening, we responded. In our feature, Things We’d like to See in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. If you haven’t already, check it out. And then, our follow up, Concerns Around Casting and Characters in Strange New Worlds. That deals with further news that dropped, about the show. And we’ve had lots to say on our Podcdasts, too!

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