Star Trek Discovery Season Four: Five Things We Want From it

Star Trek Discovery Season Four is very nearly upon us. It starts on the 18th November. Once more, it will air weekly. SciFiPulse is looking forward to it and...
Star Trek Discovery Season Four

Star Trek Discovery Season Four is very nearly upon us. It starts on the 18th November. Once more, it will air weekly. SciFiPulse is looking forward to it and will be on hand to review each episode, and discuss our thoughts on it. But before we do that, let’s have a look at what we want to see from Captain Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the crew. So, what are we hoping for? . . .


A Strong Story From the Off

The last season was arguably the strongest yet, from Discovery. It was established very quickly that finding The Federation was the main aim. So, at least we knew what the central premise was. This time around, we hope to see something similar. By the looks of the official trailer, we just might see that. Keeping the ship and crew in the future was the best move the writers could have made. This “anomaly” will need to be something truly epic, if it’s to make for a memorable story arc. Let’s hope that that is indeed the case

More Canonical References

Last season saw great canonical references. For example the return of The Guardian of Forever, who now appeared as “Carl”. In our feature, The Q Continuum Continued? we speculated who Carl might be. There was also Unification Part III, which brilliantly continued a Star Trek: The Next Generation arc. So, we want to see more of the past influencing the future in Star Trek Discovery Season Four.

More on Traditional Trek Species

We know we’ll at least glimpse The Ferengi. This element is particularly important as Discovery takes place in the future. Consequently, we want to know what has become of so many other memorable species. Longtime Star Trek viewers do like to know about timelines. That matters to hardcore Trekkies. They enjoy such features as our Romulans: Dawning, Development, Destiny. The Gorn Hegemony were mentioned, briefly, in Season Three’s opener, That Hope is You – Part 1. It would be great to see them more fully developed.

Some Big Character Developments for Support Cast

We can’t express this strongly enough! We need to see the likes of Lt. Detmer take a more active role. And, as a result we need to learn more about them if we’re to care about what becomes of them. We’ve already made suggestions for that character in our Detmer Development feature. It would give the likes of Emily Coutts, and others, a chance to show fans what they’re truly capable of doing.

Captain Burnham Truly Tested

Everything seems to have been building to this moment, for Captain Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green). With that in mind, we need to see her face some sort of radical obstacle, in Star Trek Discovery Season Four. She’s proved she’s capable to the Starfleet of the future. Now, it’s time to allow the character to establish herself as an all-time great, with the other Captains in the franchise’s series. She’s had the majority of development, and now it’s time for all of that to pay off. Go on Captain Burnham, go and kick some real ass!


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