Star Trek Discovery: Q Continuum Continued?

Is Carl a member of The Q Continuum? Following Last week's Episode there's been much discussion, amongst fans. Various sites and forums
Q Continuum

Terra Firma Part 1

Is Carl a member of The Q Continuum? Following last week’s episode of Discovery, there’s been much discussion, amongst fans. Various sites and forums are all asking similar things. Who is Carl? Our first thoughts were that “he” (the gender aspect of Q is another question entirely. A very interesting one) is a Q. That’s what we suggested in our review. It seems to fit the bill. There can’t be too many other feasible explanations. He’s certainly not actually survived from the era of American history that his clothes placed him in. And, that Carl was able to allow Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) entry back to her own universe suggests possessing some serious powers.

Sphere Data

Kovich (David Cronenburg) told Stammets (Anthony Rapp) that Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) is dying. That it’s too late for her. Then, the sphere gave another option. Having the sphere is a great plot device. A perfect way to connect the past to the future. As we’ve already stated, Discovery works much better now it’s in the future. You can read more about our views on that in Discovery: Finding Its Feet in the Future. It’s perfectly likely that The Sphere will know of Q. Events were surely recorded by captain Picard (Patrick Stewart). When he captained the Enterprise and the most well-known Q (John de Lancie) ran havoc, tormenting Picard and the crew. If for no other reason then to act as a warning. Not that could really stop Q from again meddling; and causing all kinds of problems, at will.



Of course, The Q Continuum wasn’t the first powerful being ever encountered in Star Trek. As this article illustrates (not one of ours). It’s well worth a read. Based on their findings, it seems more likely that The Guardian Of Forever may be resurrected. The entity from “City on The Edge of Forever”. Perhaps the best Trek episode ever. Again, the author of the article mentions that. Given that Discovery is more closely connected to the TOS era, that would make sense. That said, now we’re in the future other canonical references are being explored. Such as in the recent episode Unification III. But something the article highlights seems telling. Very much so. “Carl” is reading “The Star Dispatch”. That’s the newspaper featured in “City on The Edge of Forever”. Argument settled; or is it?


There have long been theories that Trelane may have been the “original Q”. Trelane was played by the wonderful William Campbell. Another star sadly no longer with us. He played “baddie of the week” in the TOS episode “The Squire of Gothos”. There are certainly similarities between Trelane and Q. Especially in that ultimately, both are admonished by others of their species, for interfering. We don’t think that this is likely, really. But it would be cool if The Sphere mentioned Trelane. Fans love canonical references. So do we!


Georgiou and Section 31 Spinoff

Georgiou would surely be most affected by a return of The Q Continuum. The story arc she seems to be on isn’t without precedent. Picard was also sent back to a certain point in TNG episode Tapestry. Though, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) did have a “change your fate” moment too. All of this is discussed in the above article. Furthermore, so is the fact that at some point Georgiou will need an exit point. So that she can head things up in Star Trek: Section 31. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity for that. And the time is right, too.

Strange New Worlds

New Worlds


The return of The Q Continuum might also effect another upcoming show. Doing so inadvertently. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds may want to return to some of the original stories from TOS. Though captain Pike (Anson Mount), Spock (Ethan Peck) and Number One (Rebecca Romijn) they’d have to do so before Kirk and Co did. As their adventures predate events in TOS. By around ten years. Using The Guardian of Forever in Discovery would all but rule out use in that show. But there’s still plenty left to mine from TOS. So, no real worry. On a side note, whoever they’re joined by is also significant. We’ve covered that in Strange New Worlds: Casting Concerns.

Character Developments

Something we’ve been harking on about is character development in Discovery. Specifically, the lack of it. We’ve spoken about this in our weekly episode reviews and our recent podcast episodes of SFP NOW, too (which can also be accessed via the top menu of our homepage. Click SciFiPulse Radio). A return for The Q Continuum could help with developing those we know little about yet. Easily.

In recent weeks we’ve covered “Tillygate”. Firstly, we predicted Tilly (Mary Wiseman) would get a promotion. In Ensign Tilly: Time for Promotion. Then, when she did, we responded, in Tilly as Number One: Too Much Too Soon? We’re in agreement that “The Star Dispatch” pretty much secured that Carl is likely related to The Guardian Of Forever. But if it does turn out to be Q, that could really be a way to put Tilly to the test. See how she shapes up. She’d surely be left pulling her hair out. And there’s a lot of it to pull out, too

Other characters might benefit from Q visiting. For example, Detmer (Emily Coutts). Our feature on Lieutenant Detmer discussed her skills as “ace pilot”. But we doubt that would mean much if she came up against Q. Perhaps a visit from The Q continuum might finally mean exploring her past. And tell us more about her implant. It would be a good and much-needed way to fill us in on her backstory.


Someone we haven’t mentioned yet is Saru (Doug Jones). We’d love to see him go up against The Q Continuum. If “Carl” is a Q. Or, if the Q return at some point. That Saru (Doug Jones) is the first non-human Captain to star in a Trek series could prove significant. We talked about that fact, in Saru: Alien Territory. All we’ve ever really seen is Q deal with humanity. Human Starfleet Captains, specifically.

If it’s time for Georgiou’s exit, we’ll really miss her. But it could be a springboard for others to get more screen time. For their stories to be told. We’ll just have to wait until Thursday, for part 2 to reveal all. We’re looking forward to finding out just who, or what, “Carl” is.




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