Star Trek Discovery behind the scenes

Trek Fans have been treated to a tantalyzing if not all too short behind the scenes look at the recently begun production of Star Trek Discovery.

Star Trek fans throughout the Alpha quadrant and beyond, were treated to a behind the scenes and all too brief look at the recently begun production of the much anticipated Star Trek Discovery. While the video was only one minute long, it did serve to wet the appetite of the many millions of die hard Trek fans who have been longing for anything having to do with the upcoming Star Trek Discovery. The Star Trek Production video can be seen by following the link provided below:

Among some of the more notable tidbits of Discovery in the video was a partial time-lapse glimpse of what a fan might have immediately thought could have been a part of the USS Discovery herself, but the set being constructed could also easily have been part of an alien ship or environment. The video also gave a sneak peak at a walkway-like set being created, which could very well have been the interior portion of the time-lapse set that was being built in the video.

Likewise, the video’s producers also showed top portions of what seemed to be two alien suits of armor, as well as the back of a mask that might potentially go along with the alien armor. The video also gave an exciting partial look at what was clearly the top part of a tunic belonging to a Starfleet officer, although it seemed to potentially be a dress uniform rather than the standard Starfleet duty uniform, but time will of course tell. Interestingly fans also got to see a close up of the iconic and partially modified Starfleet insignia, which was fastened to the Starfleet tunic, indicating that the uniform most likely belonged to an Engineering or Operations officer.

Fans were also allowed to see a 3D computer model of what seemed to be a Starfleet vessel, albeit without final rendering, along with  multiple images of the USS Discovery itself from different angles posted to a production board, as well as a blue print schematic of what also seemed to be the saucer section of a Starfleet vessel. But in some ways, the image that was most impressive and heart warming, was getting to see what seemed to be the USS Discovery’s command chair itself, shining in the spotlight of all good Star Trek things to come.

All in all Star Trek Discovery’s producers gave fans of Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a brighter future for humanity, a very nice glimpse into what they surely hope will be a stellar addition to the Star Trek franchise and family. The Star Trek Discovery premiere is slated to be released on CBS this coming May 2017, with the ongoing series itself being available to be viewed on CBS All Access.



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