In Review: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—Too Long a Sacrifice #3

Odo forges a fragile working relationship with the past-his-prime investigator the Federation sent to help
Too Long a Sacrifice

Synopsis: This month on Too Long A Sacrifice Odo forges a fragile working relationship with the past-his-prime investigator the Federation sent to help, new suspects emerge amidst a rising body count. But just when the team thinks they’re getting close to the culprit, a shocking discovery changes everything!


The Story

Picking things up from last month. The Federation has sent in Special Investigator Retlaw to help give Constable Odo’s murder investigation a little push. Additionally, Retlaw is a gifted telepath and a survivor of the Dominion invasion of Betazed. Thankfully Retlaw does not hold the actions of Odo’s people. The Founders against him. The first part of this issue sees Odo and Retlaw getting to know each other, but when another murder occurs. The Pairing of Odo and Retlaw proves to be formidable as they uncover a potential conspiracy.


The Artwork

Too Long A Sacrifice continues to provide us with some cracking visuals, which are thanks to the artist Greg Scott. This issue gets off to a dramatic start as we witness a flashback of Detective Retlaw escaping from Betazed with his granddaughter. This sequence of events is very cinematic and really gets the issue off to a strong start. The transition from past events to the present where Retlaw is talking to Odo about what happened is handled brilliantly.



Too Long A Sacrifice continues to be a compelling mystery and the addition of Special Investigator Retlaw adds just about the right amount of spice to an already bubbling pot. David and Scott Tipton have a reputation for knowing Star Trek inside and out. It’s a reputation that is very much deserved. Especiallially given how brilliantly they have written Odo through the run of this story.

Odo’s reaction to Special Investigator Retlaw is wonderfully written and very much in sync with how I’d imagine the late Rene Auberjonois would have played it. The Tipton’s have it nailed when it comes to accurately portraying the character voices from perhaps one of Star Trek’s most complex characters. It’s just too bad that Alex Kurtzman didn’t consider asking these two writers for some help when he was laying the groundwork for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’.

You can get your own digital copy as well as back issues of this book from ComiXology.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—Too Long a Sacrifice #3

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