In Review: Star Trek Beyond Soundtrack

Giacchiino uses a variety of instruments to get the desired effect. I loved his use of a variety of horns and drums in 'Crash Decision'.

Review: Last week saw the release of ‘Star Trek Beyond’ as well the release of the films soundtrack by Michael Giacchino

Like a lot of people. I have often critiqued most of the music that Giacchiino has put out there as being to similar to the music that he’d composed for ‘Lost’. In this latest soundtrack he seems to have gotten away from that trap and has come up with some nice little flourishes that punctuate the action and epic scale of ‘Star Trek Beyond’.

Giacchiino uses a variety of instruments to get the desired effect. I loved his use of a variety of horns and drums in ‘Crash Decision’. Which is toward the end of this soundtrack, but perhaps my favorite piece of music from this soundtrack is ‘Night On The Yorktown’, which punctuates the epic size and scale of the space port brilliantly. When I saw the Yorktown station in the film I was totally blown away by the sheer scale of it and the fact that it looked like a proper mega city in space. And the sequence where the Enterprise pulls into the Yorktown and glides across the night sky of the station to its port was fantastic and the music reminded me of the sequence.

The music I least liked on this collection is the music that Giacchino has repeated used as a reprise throughout all three of the Kelvin Time Line ‘Star Trek’ movies because it sounds to similar to the work he did on ‘Lost’ and never really quite felt like ‘Star Trek’ music because of that. However all of the new stuff on this collection is really good and sounds like its own thing and does not feel derivative of something else.

This for me is the best work Giacchino has done to date on the ‘Star Trek’ films. Hopefully by the time the fourth film comes out. He will rewrite his main theme so that it sounds more ‘Star Trek’ and finally breaks free the shackles of ‘Lost’.

The CD of this Soundtrack comes with a nice slipcase, which features lots of information as well as some nice photos from the movie.

The Star Trek Beyond Soundtrack is both available to buy today on CD and is out across most digital platforms.

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