Stan Lee says ‘I’m a Team Cap guy!’ at MegaCon

When asked by Moderator Marc Lee which team the iconic legend would choose, his answer Wowed Fans!

Last night in Orlando Florida, Stan Lee took the stage to roaring cheers at MegaCon 2016 at a panel hosted by the very personable Marc Lee. The panel was immensely fun and entertaining and thoroughly enjoyed by all. But perhaps none more so than the man himself as he was seemed not just witty and sharp, but he came off as being quite genuinely and also gave the impression that he was quite happy to be there with his many adoring fans as the theater was packed to capacity.

One of the greatest moments of the panel from a comic perspective, was an important issue posed by Marc Lee, as he graciously asked the grandfather of all comic book heroes whether or not he supported Team Cap or whether or not he was a Team Iron Man supporter.

A question which the crowd clearly wanted an answer to as Stan Lee coyly smiled and said, “Actually I am a Team Cap fan.” with the crowd then going wild with cheers as the amazing 93 year old continued with a straight face, “But I’m swearing you all to secrecy” as the crowd laughed and cheered wildly again.

“Because Bob who plays Iron Man happens to be a friend of mine and if he find out what I said it’ll break him up so, he won’t even be able to do a good performance in the next movie, so its our secret.” with still more crowd laughter ensuing.

I’m a team Cap fan but that must not leave this room because if Bob finds out . . . ooohhh . . .” said Lee sounding as if he were going to be getting himself in trouble before he continued. “See, I’m the only guy that calls him Bob. Everyone else calls him Robert, but I said to him one day ‘Hey do you mind if I call you Bob?‘” with Lee pausing expressively as if setting up a joke.

And he said I don’t mid if you call me Bob, Bobbo, Bobbu, what do I care,  just as long as they pay me!” as the crowd ate it up and laughed right alongside the great big smile from Stan Lee who is clearly an entertainer through and through who knows how to please a crowd of Marvel fans.

You can watch the Panel in the youtube embed below:

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