Stan Lee Has His Say About The ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Flop

Acclaimed comics writer feels 'Fantastic Four' reboot was made to quickly.

Stan Lee, who created Marvels ‘Fantastic Four’ has explained exactly why the recent movie flopped and it basically comes down to the lack of a cameo appearance by the iconic comics writer.

Lee who is renowned for his self depreciating sense of fun has made appearances in many of the comics company’s movie adaptations, added more seriously that the 20th Century Fox franchise may have been ‘remade too quickly’ and revealed that he wasn’t consulted about the story.

When asked on Larry King Now why he believed the film bombed, he quipped: “Because I didn’t have a cameo in it, and they didn’t discuss the story with me.”

Despite the negative critical response and disappointing box office returns, 20th Century Fox still has a Fantastic Four sequel scheduled for a June 9, 2017 release. Which seems odd given that their reboot was far from fantastic.

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