Stallone’s ‘Expendables’ To Be Event Mini Series On Fox

Now it looks like Stallone's action movie franchise will be a getting a new lease of life via television.

A few years back Sylvester Stallone resurrected the high octane outrageous action genre with his first ‘Expendables’ movie, which spawned two sequels and provided viewers with the opportunity to see a shed load of iconic action stars in the space of the same movie.

Now it looks like Stallone’s action movie franchise will be a getting a new lease of life via television.

According to TV Line Stallone is developing a mini – series of ‘The Expendables’ for Fox.

‘The Expendables’ if you didn’t know centres on a group of Mercenaries, who do jobs off the books for various governments and private corporations. These films gave audiences their first chance to see Sylvester Stallone share a few scenes with rival action star Arnold Schwarzenegger, but also featured Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme and Jason Statham.

The TV adaptation will be “a fun action drama that unites iconic TV stars as a new team of highly skilled heroes who are on a mission to stop a dangerous terrorist.”

Stallone, who also writes and directs the films, will executive-produce the event series alongside franchise vet Avi Lerner.

As someone who enjoyed the movies. I think a TV version could be fun. I mean Mr T and David Hasselhoff sharing the screen together. Is it just me or is that a marriage made in heaven. I personally would love to see Fred Dryer in a role on this show. I used to love ‘Hunter’ back in the late 80s.

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