Spider-Man: Aunt May Has Morphed From AOP To Super Sexy Grandma!

Marisa Tomei To Play Aunt May In New 'Spider-Man' Movies

When ‘Spider-Man’ returns in yet another reinvention. Pretty much every male with a pulse will feel their spider sense a tingle when they clamp their eyes on a much younger version of Peter Parker’s Aunt May.

It has been revealed that Marisa Tomei, who is best known for numerous roles in romantic comedies as well as hard hitting indie films will be playing Spider-Man’s long suffering Aunt, but I highly doubt that this version of the character will sport a Blue Rinse or wear her hair back.

Variety broke the news of Tomei’s casting earlier on, but Sony are as yet to confirm the reports, which have pretty much gone viral across the web (Pun most definitely intended.)

While insiders could not say where things stood in the deal-making process, they said an offer was made late last week for the Oscar-winning actress to join Tom Holland, who was recently tapped to play the webslinging superhero.

Apparently Sony were courting their new ‘Spider-Man’ lead Tom Holland for a couple of months before his deal was finalised.

If Tomei signs on for the role it will mark a new direction for her. Up until now She has been best known for her roles in serious dramatic films as well as the occasional Romantic Drama and comedy. Tomei is an actress that I personally very much enjoyed in films such as ‘My Cousin Vinnie’, ‘The Wrestler’ and numerous other films. She is perhaps one of the most versatile actresses currently working in Hollywood and would likely bring something fresh to Aunt May who has traditionally been played by much older actresses.


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