Is Master Skywalker hanging up his robes in Episode VIII?

A tantalizing photo from Star Wars episode VIII recently released by the film's director Rian Johnson may speak to Master Skywalker's fate in the next Star Wars film.

While it seems as though principle photography is wrapping up on Star Wars: Episode VIII as per Cnet, the film’s director Rian Johnson recently gave the fans a wonderful bit of Jedi imagery with which to speculate and lovingly delve into what lies ahead for both Daisey Ridley and Mark Hamill’s Jedi characters.

The photo of what seems to be Master Skywalker’s Jedi robes on a hangar in a cave was posted on Tumblr by Johnson saying only, “In the home stretch.

The first thought that seemingly comes to mind simply by looking at the image would be ‘hanging it up‘ as the Jedi cloak is literally on a hangar. Likewise, it seems to be the Jedi cloak of the now elder, wise and quite possibly the ‘last’ Jedi master as was seen at the end of ‘The Force Awakens.’

Looking at Episode VII, one of the themes we see in the film is that no mater how much things change, they also stay the same. And the history of the Jedi seems to be this circular and repetitive battle between the light and dark sides of the Force in a recurring phoenix-like rebirth of both the Sith and Jedi orders respectfully.

This latest trilogy in fact seems to be centering around the rebirth of the Jedi order as will be heralded by the newest ‘Rey’ (Ridley) of Jedi light which will serve to shatter the darkness of the First Order and its Sith Supreme leader Snoke as played by actor and motion-capture specialist Andy Serkis.

It also seems quite clear that ‘The Force Awakens‘ was purposefully very similar to Star Wars: A New Hope, just as Episode VIII should very much be similar in certain aspects to ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. In ESB, we saw the rebellion and Jedi order’s last hope in the form of Luke Skywalker train with Yoda, the then ‘last’ Jedi master, in order to himself become a Jedi and confront the Emperor and Darth Vader.

In Episode VIII it would then seem that Luke Skywalker like Yoda before him will train the Force strong Rey, who may or may not be related to him, in order to ultimately confront Snoke and Kylo Ren (Vader’s grandson), so as to restore order to the galaxy and once again rebuild the all but destroyed Jedi order.

It would also seem that aside from seeing Master Skywalker train Rey in the ways of the Force, fans will also be treated to a confrontation between Rey and Kylo ren, if not another Sith-like character in the form of Benecio Del Torro’s possibly villainous part in Episode VIII. Likewise we might very well get the equivalent of one of ESB’s most momentous scene in which it is revealed that Dath Vader is Skywalker’s father. Is Luke Skywalker Rey’s father?

So what then might the significance of Master Skywalker’s Jedi robe hanging on a hangar be? Quite simply, in Star Wars we saw Obi Wan Kenobi die in such a way as to compel Luke to continue fighting the good fight. We also saw Han Solo die in The Force Awakens, which likewise had the effect of compelling Rey to fight on and honor Solo’s memory.

It would then seem plausible that Master Skywalker’s Jedi robes on a hangar might indicate either that production is simply coming to a close, or that like Yoda in Return of the Jedi, Luke may likewise pass on to become one with the Force. Leaving Rey alone to confront Snoke, defeat the First Order and restore peace throughout the galaxy by reestablishing the Jedi Order as predicted by Snoke in The Force Awakens.

Both Hamill and George Lucas are on record as saying that Luke Skywalker will in fact be passing the baton on to the next generation of Jedi. So Luke hanging up his Jedi robes may simply indicate that principle filming is done or that in fact Luke Skywalker will meet his end. Star Wars: Episode VIII is due to be released in theaters on December 15, 2017.


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