SIN:THETICA – The newest dystopian cyberpunk novella by critically acclaimed author, Keith Anthony Baird

Released and published by Brigids Gate Press on May 21st, 2024 The book is available worldwide in print and e-format

Perfect for fans of Bladerunner and Neuromancer!

The Sino-Nippon war is over. It is 2113 and Japan is crushed under the might of Chinese-Allied Forces. A former Coalition Corps soldier, US Marine Balaam Hendrix is now a feared bounty hunter known as ‘The Reverend’. In the sprawl of NeuTokyo, on this lawless frontier, he must track down the rogue employee of a notorious crime lord. But, there’s a twist. His target has found protection inside a virtual reality construct and Hendrix must go cyber-side to corner his quarry. The glowing neon signs for SIN:THETICA are everywhere, and promise escape from a dystopian reality. But will it prove the means by which this hunter snares his prey, or will it be the trap he simply can’t survive?



SIN:THETICA eBook : Baird, Keith Anthony, Vassallo, S.D.: Kindle Store


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Betrayal brings grave ending to a noble bloodline. Forced to flee, its sole surviving heir is spared this fate by the timely intervention of a haunter of the wilds. In his charge, the maiden embraces the lore of the dark arts and rises to become the watch-keep of the woods. As decades pass, with her legend growing, the ‘witch of root and earth’ weaves subtle deceits in a tangled web of vengeance.


But will there be a fairy tale ending, or will poisoned legacies and pacts with dark forces see ambition unravel in her relentless pursuit of power? In the Grimdark Strands of the Spinneret: A Fairy Tale For Elders eBook : Baird, Keith Anthony, Leggett, Elizabeth, Pankey, MJ: Books


Praise for Keith


“The author says he set out to write a true, old-fashioned fairy tale in this book. In that endeavor, he definitely succeeds, but he also ends up with a real epic prose poem, such is the beautiful nature of the text.


I studied a lot of epic prose poetry in Latin in my misspent youth as a classicist, and there is so much here that reminds me of it. Patterns, recurring turns of phrase, and, of course, skillfully crafted prose where not a single word feels random.


The decision not to name the characters also gives it a real sense of a “tale of old”. Intense, inkdark, and stunningly written, this is a book not to be missed.” _ Kev Harrison, Author of Below

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