Simon Pegg talks Star Trek 3 & visiting Star Wars set!

To know that the writer of the next film within the Star trek franchise that I care about is concerned about taking on the ‘spirit of the show’ is a good thing for any fan to hear.

Simon Pegg is currently promoting his upcoming film Kill Me Three Times, and recently spoke with Collider about writing the script for the upcoming Star Trek 3 along with Doug Jung, which is also being directed by Fast and Furious director Justin Lin and set to arrive in theaters throughout the galaxy on July 8, 2016.

“It’s weird to walk into something and take ownership of it, in a way. Everything else that I’ve written has been mine, from the very germ of the first idea, or shared with Edgar [Wright] or Nick [Frost]. But with this, I’m walking into a realm that doesn’t belong to me, and I have to treat it with a degree of respect. Obviously, I always treat things with respect, [but] I have to abide by certain rules and do right by the original series, and not be too post-modern with it and not be too aware of itself. I have to try to take on the spirit of the show, rather than fill it with stuff that people will just go, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s from episode something or other.’ It’s more than that.”

In reading Simon Pegg’s thoughts on writing Star Trek 3, I must say that I am filled with hope and optimism because we know that the person writing the script and thinking about what the next Trek film will be is not just a good writer, but also a well-respected science fiction and Star Trek fan, like J.J. Abrams before him. To know that the writer of the next film within the Star trek franchise that I care about is concerned about taking on the ‘spirit of the show’ is a good thing for any fan to hear. Pegg is also an admitted huge Star Wars fan and also had the opportunity to visit the set of ‘The Force Awakens’ with his daughter.

“I’m immensely excited, having been lucky enough to visit the set. I’ve never been on a film set where everyone has been so invested in the material because they are emotionally and intrinsically linked to it, as people who work in an industry that was informed by the original films. Suddenly, they’re back in those environments, seeing those sets again and seeing J.J. work with real physical things, and models and puppets and masks.”

Reading Pegg’s thoughts on visiting the live set to ‘The Force Awakens’ really gives the impression of the actor’s excitement and childhood love of Star Wars as his attention to those details he talks about really speaks to the ways in which the Star Wars trilogy affected not only Pegg, but the rest of us as well.

“I took my daughter to the set, and she met BB-8, the droid you see in the trailer. She sat with him for ages, and just talked to him. The guys were operating it, just off camera, and she was there. I said, ‘Come on, we’ve gotta go,’ and she said, ‘I just want to spend some more time with him and have another hug.’ It’s just a ball with a thing on it, but it’s a testament to that character, how much he’s going to [have an] impact on audiences because he’s so full of life. And that goes across, for everything. Also, to see the old staples again is going to blow people’s minds.”

It is also refreshing to see that Pegg is bringing up his daughter well in the ways of the Force and jealous is not even the right sentiment to reading of his little girls interaction with BB-8.

While J.J. Abrams will also be producing the next Trekfilm along with producing partners Bryan Burke and David Ellison, early rumors seem to indicate that Klingons may be the main villians in this exciting Trek production, which is set to start in June. While Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana and Anton Yelchin are all set to beam back on board of the Enterprise, it also seems that Idris Elba is also in early talks to come aboard as the film’s treacherous villain.

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