Shang-Chi: Some More Thoughts (Having Seen the Film) . . .

Shang-Chi is now officially part of the MCU. You can read our review of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, now. But you might

Shang-Chi is now officially part of the MCU. You can read our review of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, now. But you might want to check out the movie for yourself, first. Before Simu-Liu hit screens as the title’s star, SciFiPulse wrote Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: Some Thoughts. However, now we’ve seen the movie we have some more thoughts. Amongst them are potential Easter-eggs and possible clues about future events. To fully appreciate this feature, it’s best advised to see the movie first . . .


Thesis on the Bus/Laptop

Near the beginning of the film there’s a fight on a bus. It’s a spectacular scene. It’s where we first see Shang-Chi (Simu-Liu) fight. During the incident he uses a laptop that a passenger is writing a thesis on to defend himself. It may be nothing, but the MCU does have a way of weaving in small, but important details. It’s possible that the thesis was significant, and it may well crop up again. Alternatively, the author of the work, whose work is destroyed, might go on to have a grudge against Shang-Chi, at some future point.


Iron Gang

The Iron Gang were responsible for the murder of Shang-Chi’s mother, Li, played by Fala Chen. Consequently, a young Shang-Chi carried out retribution, having been ordered to assassinate their leader in retaliation, by his father, Xu Wenwu (Tony Chiu-Wai Leung). Given the nature of the “blood-feud” that the movie tells us about we may well see this incident create a future threat. Any children that the Iron Gang’s leader had might well also seek revenge. They’d need some serious power to do so, but it still might happen yet.

Souls Significance

We haven’t got an official “soul realm”, within the MCU. The most obvious entry point for this would be the Doctor Strange movies. But that might not be the case. Of course, there’s been the soul stone, and the self-sacrifice of Black Widow (Scarlet Johansen), and the forced sacrifice of Gamora (Zoe Saldana). Souls are an important story element, as they suggest that characters can be brought back. So far the MCU has avoided this question. That matters. The deaths have meant something. For them to return would possibly be damaging to the stories power. It’s possible however, and maybe the upcoming Blade movie might also involve the idea of souls . . .

Bruce Banner

What was going on with Bruce Bannner (Mark Ruffalo)? He seemed to now be plain old Bruce again. The last time we saw him he was “Smart Hulk”, and had managed to live as a single entity with the big green fella . . . The best guess we can make is that this has something to do with the upcoming series She-Hulk (2022). As his arm was still damaged, perhaps his fighting days are over, now. Maybe that will fall to Tatiana Maslany, as Jennifer Walters. But what remains to be seen is how the “gamma-power” is passed to her.

The Signal . . .

For many, this was the “big one”, in terms of teasing what’s to come. There are many decent explainer videos on YouTube, such as this one. It certainly seems that Galactus might be on his way. With the way that things are shaping up, that certainly seems likely. They’ll likely be more references, further down the line. Also, we know that time travel is going to become a standard plot device, now. Consequently, that means that the mystical ten rings could well be from the future. Furthermore, this could incorporate Kang, who is all but confirmed as a big MCU player now, following his appearance in Loki (2021). It seems a new story arc is starting to develop . . .


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was released worldwide exclusively in cinema on 3rd September,2021 and is out now

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