Shang-Chi (2021-) #3 SHANG-CHI VS WOLVERINE!

SHANG-CHI VS WOLVERINE! Shang-Chi discovers yet another sibling he never knew he had! Even more surprising…she’s a mutant!

Synopsis: SHANG-CHI VS WOLVERINE! Shang-Chi discovers yet another sibling he never knew he had! Even more surprising…she’s a mutant! You know what that means…Shang-Chi won’t be the only one looking for her. Enter: Wolverine!


The Story

When the discovery of a mutant goes viral thanks to some tourists. Shang Chi and his family head to Scotland to reconnect with his half-sister Zeng Zhilan. But when Wolverine turns up with an offer to take her to Krakoa. Things get a little heated. Indeed, this isn’t helped much by Esme and Takeshi’s animosity toward Zhilan. Can Shang-Chi talk Zhilan into rejoining the Five Weapons Society?


The Artwork

Dike Ruan gets to do a lot of action in this issue. Also, he gets to have some fun drawing the Loch Ness Monster. This is a fantastic visual. Especially when we see Zhilan tame the beast with the melody that she pays from her flute. However, things don’t really get going in this issue until Wolverine is introduced. At which point we get some fantastic action beats as Shang-Chi tries to subdue Wolverine and reason with him.

Indeed, Ruan gets to draw a lot of fun stuff in this issue and really shows off some fun visuals this time out. I’m still blown away by the monster.



This was a fun issue in which Shang-Chi may or may not have found an ally in the form of Zhilan. I am really enjoying how Gene Luen Yang has gone about writing this story arc. And I’m really enjoying how difficult the transition of The Five Hand Society into a force for good is for Shang-Chi’s siblings.

Overall. A solid issue with a few nice moments for Wolverine and Shang-Chi. Not to mention a really cool rendering of the Loch Ness Monster. I’m looking forward to the next issue when we get to see Shang-Chi have an Encounter with Marvel’s very first family of superheroes aka The Fantastic Four.

Shang-Chi (2021-) #3 SHANG-CHI VS WOLVERINE!
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