SFP-Podcast Speaks Exclusively To Writer & Director of ‘Woodland’

Ian Cullen of SFP-NOW chats with filmmaker Jon Silverberg about making his first feature length movie 'Woodland'

I recently got to see an interesting movie called ‘Woodland’, which starred Richard Harmon who is best known for his work on ‘The 100’ and was written and directed by Jon Silverberg, who is one of many talented up and coming writer and directors hailing from Vancouver in Canada. ‘Woodland’ is a movie that released in 2018 and won a number of awards at various film festivals. The story of the film focuses on a young photojournalist called Jake who is struggling with a drug problem and looks toward a job in the wilds of Canada in order to hopefully get his head straight, but when he starts seeing flashes of what appears to be his own future we gradually see Jake lose his grip.


Writer and Director of ‘Woodland’ Jon Silverberg


In our interview, Jon Silverberg talks about making the film and how it was at his wife’s suggestion that he seek out Richard Harmon for the lead role of Jake. He also revealed that he wrote the part of Sparky specifically for Philip Granger who became strong friends with Harmon while making the film, which isn’t surprising given the intensity of some of the scenes that they had to play.

Jon also talks about some of the production challenges he faced while making the movie as well as taking us through how he staged on a particular shot in the film which ended up looking amazing for something that didn’t use CGI, but instead made use of what nature had to offer as well as some heavy lifting for the films crew in order to get the desired effect.

You can learn more about Jon Silverberg and his work over at www.jonsilverberg.com

You can tune in and hear everything that Jon Silverberg shared with us about ‘Woodland’ as well as a number of other projects he has worked on here at SciFiPulse Radio or you can push play on the little audio player we have embedded below.


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