Seychelle Gabriel Discusses The Return Of ‘Falling Skies’

As many fans will already know. Tonight sees the return of Falling Skies on TNT and much like everyone who is anyone in the world of genre television we...


As many fans will already know. Tonight sees the return of Falling Skies on TNT and much like everyone who is anyone in the world of genre television we here are all excited at the prospect of seeing how last years cliffhanger will be resolved.

Just last week I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to talk to Seychelle Gabriel who plays the part of Lourdes in the series and has always been the link between the older and younger characters in the show. Over the course of the conversation Seychelle made a few small revelations about her characters development in the new series and also some of the drama that could well take place between Lourdes and Ann (Moon Bloodgood).

ScifiPulse: We’ll be kicking off the new series of Falling Skies soon and I’m wondering if you have any thoughts about how the first series ended and how things are likely to move forward.

Seychelle Gabriel: It kind of ends on a not so hopeful yet kind of hopeful note in that we see Tom Mason (Noah Wyles) character step onto the alien spaceship. Which has an effect on pretty much everyone. Lourdes has to grow up a lot quicker than she had to in season one in terms of dealing with some really gruesome things medically and such like because there are just so many more battles going down. There’s a lot more intensity, but she also kind of has that release factor too. She’s got like a love interest this season, which is kind of cool.

SFP: Is it a boyfriend or a girlfriend because you never know.

Seychelle Gabriel: [Laughs] It’s a boyfriend.

SFP: The great thing about your character in last years series was that she was kind of the link between the much younger characters and the more mature characters, which in so many ways made her an invaluable asset to the group.

Seychelle Gabriel: It’s really cool that you say that because I kind of felt like that as an actor too because when I got to Canada and started shooting the series I was 19 year old. So had just gotten out of High School. So I was like really cool with the young ones on the set, but I also… In Canada at 19 you can go out. So I was hanging out with all the adults too. So I was kind of like that bridge on set too in that I tried to hang with everybody and Lourdes is a lot like that too.

SFP: Many of your scenes in the series are with Moon Bloodgood who plays Ann and has done a fare bit of genre work for both television and film. How do you find working with her and are we likely to see any friction between Lourdes and Ann because in many ways the two of you come off like sisters and I’m wondering if we’re likely to see some conflict due to Ann perhaps being a tad overprotective of Lourdes as the new series unfolds.

Seychelle Gabriel: There is some tension between the two of them. They’re a lot more like sisters than a mother daughter thing… It’s a good thing you said that because when one of them freaks out the other kind of smoothes things over and stuff. Things, you know… A lot of crazy, crazy stuff happens that you can’t anticipate and people say things in scenes this season that will erk other people and definitely happens in scenes between the two of them.

What’s cool is that they found each other so early on in this situation and they’re just each others biggest stronghold really. I mean there is the thing between Tom Mason and Ann, but it’s inevitable that there’s a strong bond between the two of them regardless.

SFP: I should imagine that Lourdes would be a shoulder to lead on for Ann this year as well with Tom up in the Alien spaceship.

Seychelle Gabriel: Yes, that’s right.

SFP: Are there any favorite moments from the show that you’d like to let the fans know about.

Seychelle Gabriel: I have a lot of them. One really cool thing that Moon and I did, which I really loved was dissecting a skitter. That scene was really cool because it was just the two of us and this Alien. I didn’t really get to do too many scenes with Aliens last year. So that was really cool just being in such close proximity to that and just sticking our hands into its back. Taking out goo. It was almost like a mad scientist kind of thing, but not like that [Chuckles]. I don’t know, but that was really fun.

By Ian M. Cullen


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